news about Infinitus

(originally posted on August 26 2009)

Kind readers,

I have registered for Infinitus and made my hotel reservations. Orlando, here I come! Well, in ten months or so 😉

I also am also delighted to tell you that during the event, I shall be wearing two custom made creations by Kambriel: the martyr red nightgown (a red cassock type gown with a three foot long train, floor-length sleeves, a high collar and a row of fabric covered buttons at the front), which will be my evening wear, and the princely cassock (a long cassock type coat made of black brocade with velvet trimmings), which I shall don for the ball.

It is the first time I shall wear special garments during a Harry Potter convention -that is, apart from the robes! You could say that I am vesting myself out of love for you.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor