news about The flawed master

(originally posted on August 4 2009)

Kind readers,

I have almost reached the halfway mark… In a few days, I shall have four essays left to write. A beloved one will be visiting me during the first two weeks of September (she is coming all the way from Australia, and it will be such a blessing to behold her with my own eyes… When my vocation became manifest, hers were amongst the first letters I began to receive); after that, I shall proofread The flawed master and begin the publication process.

The book will be officially published either in late September or early October, depending on how quickly the proof copy reaches my doorstep (I shall then approve it, and the book will become available here. A few weeks later, it will also be available on amazon). I shall have an actual publication date for you around mid-September at the latest.

Thank you for your patience.

I also wished to tell you about a book that a loved one recently published, and which will soon be gracing my bookshelf:

Speaking of inspirational books, my talented friend Ben Wu has just published a beautiful collection of serene writings by his muse, Madame Li:

It is truly exquisite.

Well, back to work! I am pouring my whole heart into The flawed master for you. May God grant that it be a source of comfort, even if only a few sentences turn out to be worthwhile.

Ah, yes: I have recently published a new volume of contemplative photographs, Let my prayer arise; see the bookstore section in the sidebar.

God bless you for your kindness and support.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor