official publication date

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Master, bless.

My most precious ones,

after careful thinking, I have decided upon an official publication date for The flawed master.

I had wanted to release the book on october 31, but have come to the conclusion that this might be cutting it a bit too close. This week, I shall finish the sixth essay, next week, I shall write the seventh, the week after that, I shall write the eighth, and the week after that, I shall write the afterword and proofread the manuscript. So the book will technically be finished by the end of october, but then it will take at least two weeks for the proof copy to reach my mailbox.

Thus, barring any unforeseen difficulty, the book will be released on friday, november 6 and available on my website. Around six or eight weeks later, it will be available on amazon as well. I think that this is the most reasonable course of action. The writing has been going well, by God’s grace, but the essays are longer than those contained in Bring forth the best robes, and I have been working more slowly this time, which I think is good…

But having a deadline calms me.

After that, I shall publish No lasting city, but it will not be a hard task, just a question of finishing my current livejournal compilation and proofreading the resultant pile of paper…

Then, a short breather (more or less -it will be the holiday season), then, A Princely Calling, which I want finished by the early spring of 2010… I have decided that I shall submit one of the chapters of the aforementioned book as a paper re:Infinitus (I have already chosen the title of said paper; a bit more descriptive than what it will be in the book), and ask if I can read one of the essays in The flawed master at some point during the event. There will probably be some modest sort of book signing type thing (I am still unfamiliar with the logistics involved in such an affair)… Goodness.

Well, that is the plan, grosso modo. I would also like to write the one thing needful next spring, but that may be lunacy at this point. We shall see.

All of this will be followed by a long vacation. Fariente and recuperation. We are not there yet by far, but it will be nice… This is one of the many reasons why Infinitus will be a celebration.

Yesterday, I was writing and thinking, Oh, God, I hope this will not be too terrible (as usual, one minute I think my scribblings might be not bad, and the next I am utterly unsure). And then I thought, Do what Snape did when he gave Harry his memories… Do your best, and let go. Have faith.

My books are theory put into practice.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor