2010: new titles

Kind readers,

in a week or two, I shall publish the fifth volume of my collected blog ramblings, No lasting city:

I also thought that you might enjoy a compilation of selected inspirational passages taken from all five volumes of said blog ramblings (Just a thistle, Thorn by thorn, Like a field without limit, A gentle whisper and No lasting city); I have thus decided to put together a book that will contain the best of my scribblings. I have titled it Blessed, as I can think of no word that would describe my ministerial and vocational experiences more accurately. This book is set for publication in March 2010:

I shall be working on it as I write A Princely Calling: Severus Snape and monastic self-surrender, my third volume of mystical essays about Professor Snape. Although I plan to finish A Princely Calling around the end of April, the book itself will be released in July, not long before Infinitus.

In the spring of 2010, I hope to devote myself to a cherished project of mine, the one thing needful, a book of meditations on life in Christ, but it will depend on whether I have enough stamina; if not, I shall write the book in the fall of 2010.

That is also when I plan to work on my first novel, To please God in all things (I shall share the cover with you soon. I find it quite helpful when I have given my books a cover; it gives me focus).

And, ah yes: I now have an Author Page on amazon.

So there you have it. I shall do my best to give you my best, by God’s grace.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

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