more exquisite art by Ben Wu

Kind readers,

I wanted to share with you a drawing that I recently commissioned from my talented friend Ben Wu…

This image has often come to me during prayer of late, and comforts me… I place my work, and fragrant flowers, at the feet of the Lord and Theotokos, entrusting myself to the Lord’s will and infinite love, and the Ever Virgin Mary’s tender protection.

This is paradise: the Beloved Master arranges all things as He knows is best. Thus there is no need to worry, whether my efforts fail or are fruitful. If I take refuge in Him, I know that He is well pleased.

Yesterday, as I was listening to the radio, the host was saying that Mozart’s music was somehow helping premature infants gain more weight. His music also helped people who experience seizures. It was something about his music, something miraculous… Although the infants had been exposed to music composed around the same period, it did not have the same effect as Mozart’s. Amazing.

Amadeus, indeed.

I frequently wish I could be like the Silent, Hidden Ones, the flowers in the desert, alone with Him, consecrated to Him, unknown to all but Him. However, that does not seem to be what the Lord wishes of me; thus I shall exult in His desire and continue to write, to be revealed.

Let every spirit that has breath praise the Lord.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

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