“it’s the arts”

Kind readers,

it is with immense happiness that I share the following bit of news with you…

I commissioned Ben Wu, whose artistic talent never ceases to astound me, and whose friendship is so sweet to me, to draw an illustration that will be featured at the start of my upcoming book, Blessed… The drawing will be part of the introduction.

It is a depiction of my inner sanctuary; I would also say that it conveys the essence of my conversion to Christ.

And here it is:

I am so grateful to Ben for his dedication and efforts! I am very fortunate. He is as beautiful as his art.

I am not nearly as talented an artist as he is, but I did draw something of my own yesterday, and it will be featured in Blessed also:

I do all that I do in order to share the undeserved peace of heart that God, in His infinite goodness, gives me with such loving abundance.

I have created postcards for those who would like a copy of the drawing above, and also a neat bag (I am a giant child, I tell you. I am all excited about this bag, because it looks so nifty):

I have a few giveaways planned for the readers of my livejournal in the coming months, and they will include this bag.

God bless you all for your goodness to me.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

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