my latest creation

Kind readers,

here are photos of my latest creation, a rosary made with smoky quartz beads and featuring a large center with an image of Christ the King on the front, and the Virgin holding lilies on the back:

This rosary will be available on my etsy shop once I am ready (I am waiting for gift boxes, and I want to make a few more rosaries before I start listing my work); I imagine the shop will open officially towards the end of this month. I shall continue to share photographs of my rosaries here with you every time I complete one.

To pray the rosary, and to make rosaries -ah, goodness! This is very sweet to me. The positive response to my work has been a balm upon my heart. The Lord and our Lady inspired me to undertake this activity, I have no doubt; it has been such a blessing. It gives me peace.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

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2 thoughts on “my latest creation

  1. Dearest Logospilgrim,

    The rosaries you have been showing us are beautiful! We do not use rosaries in my church, but I have a beloved Aunt who is a Franciscan sister for whom I hope to purchase one or your inspired and lovely creations. 🙂 I can hardly wait for your etsy shop to open!

    {And your books about Professor Snape are on my Amazon wish list… I’ve hinted to my family that I wouldn’t mind any or all of them for my birthday this year. *grin*)


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