rosaries and Professor Snape

Kind readers,

I have made another rosary… Red Czech glass, Sacred Heart center, golden cross.

Next, it will be Padre Pio.

Have I mentioned that I love making rosaries?

I got an email yesterday saying that my gift boxes had been shipped (I ordered gold and silver jewelry boxes for my rosaries, which will also come with a beautiful prayer card of the Lord being comforted by an angel in Gethsemane. Those should be shipped to me soon).

And, ah yes, I have finally settled upon a design for my etsy shop banner:

I love the soft, quiet greys, and the etching of the Lord next to the rosary center…

I have submitted my proposals to the Infinitus organizers. We shall see what happens! One of the presentations is entitled “Severus Snape, Jedi Master” (the essay will be taken and adapted from material published in Bring forth the best robes); the lecture will be twenty minutes long. The second presentation is entitled “The crystal flask: how Professor Snape became an ikon of Christ” (from The flawed master); it will be fifty minutes long.

As usual, I took a deep breath before hitting the “send” button. I have a feeling that I shall be making many, many rosaries in the coming months… It will help me to remain at peace and calm my spirit.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

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