Padre Pio rosary, prayer

Kind readers,

I have finished yet another rosary… Indeed, I imagine I shall be posting photographs of a new rosary almost every day for a while.

This is the Padre Pio rosary. Black Czech glass.

I simply love taking photographs of the rosaries I have made. I try to capture the beauty of prayer… The peacefulness I feel in the presence of God. When I take a photo of a rosary, this is what I attempt to express: “Oh, don’t you just want to pray right now?”

As I recited my rosary last night, I was so grateful. I even had a revelation.

I often worry, as much as it pains me to say this, because worry is a lack of faith, and thus a lack of love for the All-Merciful God. I was anguished in my heart, and then the thought came to me: did I want to worry? Was this an active desire of mine? And I thought, no, it is not.

Do not consent to the worry. I know you do not want to yield to the temptation. This is an imperfection; you are absolved from sin.

Suddenly, the worry had so much less power over me… I was comforted by the Lord’s tender mercy.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

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4 thoughts on “Padre Pio rosary, prayer

  1. This one is lovely! When your Etsy shop opens, I will link to it, although I think you have folks lining up for your beautiful rosaries already. 🙂

    Worry is exhausting. I still worry about things, but not half as much as I used to.

    Your photographs are so lovely. I think I will need to take a bit of inspiration from you and do a better job at photographing my rosaries. They are… plain. 🙂


    • Everyone has been so kind about my rosaries; I must say it means a lot…

      Worry is one of those things most of us wrestle with for our whole lives, I think… But we do learn to worry less, thank heaven. Worry is indeed exhausting. I keep thinking of the Lord’s words, “Do not worry…”

      I am so glad that you like the photos! I read an article on etsy about the sort of photographs that work well on the site, and three things captured my attention: natural light, close-ups, angles. So that has been my focus, and I think it has been working rather well.

      The photo you took of your latest rosary was really beautiful… The beads and cross looked ethereal, shining in the sun.


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