Joan of Arc rosaries, Great Lent

Kind readers,

here is another rosary for you; the Joan of Arc rosary. I shall be making many of these, with different types of beads. This one was made with blue Czech glass beads.

The center is utterly beautiful and very large -almost the size of a quarter.

I love St. Joan and there are almost no rosaries that capture her spirit (there are few Joan of Arc rosaries, period), and so it is a great joy to make these specific rosaries.

Last night before I went to bed, I was rather weary and suddenly all my latest creations looked sub par to me… Since I am not a machine, my carefully crafted loops exhibit minor differences (which only a lunatic perfectionist like myself would notice -I think…). I studied rosaries that I had bought on various large Catholic websites, but upon observation, I saw that their loops are not perfectly homogenous either. Some are slightly rounder, some a tad more elongated, and most a bit crooked here and there.

This describes me well, spiritually speaking (though I  am more than “a bit” crooked here and there), and my mild agitation about my rosaries was indicative of an underlying malaise: Great Lent has hardly begun and I already feel like a failure. The season kind of took me by surprise this year. Two weeks ago, I was surprised to discover that Lent was so close.

Everything takes me time. I like to prepare. This year, I feel somewhat… I feel like I have arrived at the airport and forgotten my passport -I do not feel like I had time to get ready, to make sure (as I usually do) that the items on my list have been crossed off.

I have a feeling that this is of benefit to me. Earlier, I asked the Lord, Help me make a good beginning

Thank you, my dearest ones, for your kind words about my rosaries! It is more appreciated than you can imagine. It gives me such joy to know that they delight you. I want to create things that will assist you in the most important of ways… I want to create holy objects that will be of help to you and comfort your spirit. I am hopeful that my etsy shop will be operational in two or three weeks.

God bless you for your prayers.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

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8 thoughts on “Joan of Arc rosaries, Great Lent

  1. That IS beautiful! I very much like the crucifix, too.

    I know just what you mean when you start looking very critically at what you’ve made. You are joyful in having created something that looks beautiful to you, but then you begin to see flaws, or even perceive flaws. My most difficult time with beading comes with the design itself (I also string on practice string first) and then with finishing. A knot? A crimp bead? And with the rosaries, how do I settle the cross in place.

    I get myself so worried, that I can’t face my beads for awhile and then worry that everyone who sees my work, will see the glaring flaws, and think me a fraud.


    🙂 As my mother says, “to be creative is to never be perfect.”

    I, who have never celebrated Lent, have gone into it like a deer in headlights. I found a site that takes you through daily prayers and devotions, and I’ve decided I need to learn more about Anglicanism. My sacrifice for 40 days will be something, that in the long run, can only aid my health.

    God bless you and know that you are in my prayers nightly.


    • God bless you for your kind words and gentle reassurance… I shall keep your mother’s words in my heart! I thought exactly what you did re: “glaring flaws.” Oy!

      Two parcels containing rosary making supplies are on my writing desk right now, and I shall open them momentarily… I am like a child on Christmas day every time I receive such a package 🙂

      Thank you so much for your prayers, which are deeply appreciated. You are in mine also… May your Lenten journey be blessed!

      Goodness, I miss my flist. But it is good for me to retreat for a while… For various reasons, I feel worn out. At the same time, I am okay.


  2. I love all of your rosaries, logospilgrim. Where do you buy rosary making supplies?

    I would like to learn to make chaplets. I bought a book today about the many different rosary and chaplet prayers there are in the Catholic Church that may be of interest to you. It is called “My Treasury of Chaplets” by Patricia S. Quintiliani. It includes the “chotki” of the Orthodox and Eastern Rite Catholic Churches that you mentioned on your blog. I want one of those. 🙂 The book is over 300 pages long. Would you be interested in it? The store where I purchased the book has two more copies available.

    There is an interesting discussion about The Silver Doe going on over at The Hog’s Head. Have you read it? I just left a comment there.

    Once again, I am dazzled by the beauty of your rosaries and the gorgeous photos you have taken of them. Post some more, please. 🙂


    • Thank you so much for your kind words about my little creations! Incidentally, I shall be awaiting your parcel with joy, and shall be sending you yours at some point this week (it will contain business cards and postcards and happy gifts) 🙂

      I have been buying my supplies online… If you Google “rosary supplies,” you will be able to choose from an array of merchants who offer everything needed to make rosaries.

      The book you mention sounds most intriguing; I would love a copy. I could add a money order to the parcel I shall be sending you soon.

      I saw the Silver Doe discussion when I got my Hog’s Head email update the other day; that is a marvelous topic, needless to say. I am just… not much of a discusser, I fear! I tend to shy away from discussions. I have given a number of lectures at Harry Potter conventions, as you know, but I always abscond from the podium as fast as I can after I have finished speaking…

      I am so happy that you like my rosaries and the photos I take of them! I have to say that I love trying to capture the “spirit” of a rosary through photography. I shall be posting many more 🙂


  3. Your rosaries are beautiful, and I would not worry over perceived inperfections. Rosaries are meant to be used. My current one has broken numerous times in my pocket and had to be mended with tweasers, and it’s colours are now pastel shades as they were washed along with my jeans when I was a teenager.

    Might your rosaries be available overseas when they are ready?

    I wish you every blessing this Lent.


    • Thank you so much for your words of encouragement, which are a balm upon my heart. Indeed, rosaries are meant to be used! That is part of the joy I feel when I make mine… The knowledge that I am contributing to someone’s well-being.

      After I finished reciting a rosary last night, I thought, ‘What would I do without this nourishment?’

      When my rosaries are ready, they will definitely be available overseas… One of my etsy shop policies will be free shipping worldwide -a good deal, eh? 🙂

      God bless you for your loving wishes. May your Lenten season be blessed.


  4. I just updated my blog at with a list of my convention appearances and my reviews of Bring forth the best robes and The flawed master (which you have already seen). You can see where your business cards will be going. 🙂

    I’ll try to get to the store tomorrow to look for the book I mentioned. If I buy it for you, consider it a gift!

    BTW, I’d love to read A light burden, if you want to consider that as an exchange.


    • God bless you for your kindness and your words about my scribblings! I am awed by your list of convention appearances and stamina. May every event you take part of be a blessing to you 🙂

      Thank you so much for your generous gift -I shall add a copy of a light burden to your package!


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