Joan of Arc rosary, this and that

Kind readers,

here is the Joan of Arc rosary, but with mother of pearl beads. It is a semi-precious stone I especially love.

My next Joan of Arc rosary will be made with hematite beads.

Last night, I spent a couple of hours calculating the costs involved in making these rosaries of mine, factoring in supplies, packaging, labor (it takes me about two hours to craft one and I thought minimum wage would be acceptable), fees, and so on… I came to the conclusion that my rosaries would range between 30.00 and 40.00 U.S. in price. The rosary above, for instance, will be 35.00, including shipping. The hematite version will be 30.00.

That is reasonable, I think? I have visited a number of Catholic websites and looked at the rosaries they were selling; based on what I have seen, it seems my work is fairly priced. I was a bit stressed after crunching the numbers -I am not sure if I am much of a business woman!

I am trying to create beautiful, traditional rosaries, yet also with simplicity in mind; I shall not be using precious stones or Swarovski crystal. I shall use crystal glass and semi-precious stones, and sometimes Czech glass.

I am tired again today, but in good spirits. I shall be suffering from the monthly indisposition soon; Infinitus, lectures, books signings have been in my thoughts; in addition, I have a couple of books that I shall be publishing soon and must work on; then there was that number crunching yesterday…

Ah, goodness. One day at a time.

Thank heaven, making rosaries relaxes me. Not to mention, praying the rosary. Such prayer is like being in heaven. It will be so nice when it is warmer outside… I shall be able to sit in the garden and work on rosaries there, amidst flowers and vegetation.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

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2 thoughts on “Joan of Arc rosary, this and that

  1. This rosary is very lovely!

    I can understand how crunching numbers can be very stressful…

    I wanted to say that I got the loveliest mental image of you amidst your flowers and leaves working on your rosaries. 🙂 Spring will be here before we know it… it just seems as if it will take forever to get here.

    God bless!


    • Thank you so much for your kind words, my dearest one… God bless you too.

      Ah, spring. I am really in the mood for it this year 🙂 I want to sit outside… It always soothes my spirit. I love looking at the sky, at the trees…


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