le petit professeur

Kind readers,

because of a few minor administrative details, the official opening of my etsy shop will be delayed by another week or two, but it should not be much longer now!

In the meantime, I shall continue to share photos of my completed rosaries with you. Here is the latest… I used a gold center of the Sacred Heart, and howlite beads. I love this one… It reminds me of the Heavenly Jerusalem.

And here is a photo of the gift box my rosaries will come in. The box will be either gold or silver depending upon the rosary it contains:

I have so many beautiful rosaries planned, my hands can barely keep up with my creativity. One of them will be inspired by Professor Snape, who has been such an inspiration to me… It will feature black  and emerald crystal glass beads, a large silver center depicting the Virgin Mary with lilies on either side of her, and a pardon crucifix.

Great Lent has so far been a challenge this year, but also a fount of blessings. I have been unwell, I have been tired, I have murmured, I have loved poorly. I am not sure that I am an unprofitable servant, let alone a profitable one. Today I am aching all over. But the time I have spent at prayer has been a greater source of instruction and comfort than ever, and although I can very well see that I am hardly fit to call myself a Christian (can I even say the word without lowering my eyes?), I am taking refuge in the Lord for whom all things are possible, and my heart is filled with hope and trust.

He is providing for me with a tenderness and compassion of which I am unworthy. The direction He wishes me to take could not be clearer; He guides my every step as I strive to embrace the vocation He has chosen for me. The more I seek Him in the peace of my inner temple, the more He removes every obstacle from my path. When He allows me to trip, I know it is because I was in danger of being harmed, of being lured from the way -I was becoming inattentive (or at least, more so than usual). He even grants what seems like whims to me, des petits caprices; I feel like a cherished, pampered child. It can be a most bewildering and humbling state of affairs (how He has mercy upon my faithlessness and infirmities!). And although the horizon is often shrouded in mist, I follow the sound of His voice and trust that I am doing what He desires. As long as I cling to Him, and long to obey His precepts, whatever I am doing is in accordance with His desire…

In a few weeks, I shall know if my Infinitus proposals have been accepted. I have not spoken in front of an audience in a while, but He will be with me if speaking is indeed in my near future.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

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2 thoughts on “le petit professeur

  1. Have faith, and make sure to take the time necessary to care for yourself.

    I can’t wait to see your Snape inspired rosary. I’m sure that I would like one to call my own.


    • God bless you for your kindness and loving advice. I have indeed been rather gentle with myself these past few weeks (perhaps too gentle?) 🙂

      I received the supplies I needed to make the Snape inspired rosary yesterday and should be posting photos of a finished rosary today or tomorrow… The combination of jet black crystal beads, and emerald crystal beads (the dividing or “Our Father” beads), is so beautiful. The Virgin and lilies center is large and completely amazing, and goes so well with the ornate pardon cross. I feel that if the Potions Master had been Catholic (and hey, who knows!), he would have had recourse to a rosary like this on a daily basis…

      Or, like me, he could have been an ecumenical, universalist Orthodox 🙂

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your loving support! Thank you for being here.


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