Repentant Prince rosary

Kind readers,

today I made a rosary which is quite special to me… It was inspired by a broken-hearted Potions Master who devoted his life to love (a love which, as I suggest in my books of essays on the subject, was refined until it became True Love, a communion with the Eternal Other). Mystically speaking, he belonged to the One who was, is, and ever shall be, the One who is Always and transcends this life.

I used fire polished crystal glass beads, jet black and emerald, a large center (more than an inch in length) depicting the Virgin Mary with lilies on either side of her, and a pardon crucifix.

I shall be keeping this one, but making more like it for my etsy shop.

I wanted the rosary to express mourning and hope. The emerald green beads are translucent, and although the jet black ones are not, their multifaceted surface reflects the light in a way I find moving. This is, you might say, a poetic rosary.

I am looking forward to the Presanctified Liturgy tomorrow…

There are five weeks to go before the end of my livejournal fast. It has not been easy this year. I believe this is because Infinitus has been looming in my mind, and I am feeling such a mix of emotions… Joy, anticipation, bewilderment, vulnerability, ardor… Reading my loved ones’ journals and partaking of their lives is a comfort to me, but it is good for one’s desires to be mortified. This teaches patience and true love.

The mortification I am embracing is making my prayers for my precious ones sweeter than ever.

I try to love as best I can, knowing all the while that my attempts are like muddied waters. Thus I repeat, “Remember me when You come into Your kingdom.” Confronted by my baser tendencies and sinfulness, the only thing I can do is mutter, Wretch. At the same time, I am at peace… My heart belongs to the Holy One, in whom is all my hope, the One who is so long-suffering and of such great goodness.

Wait, He so often repeats in the Scriptures. Be still. I wait for Him in all things. I am dismayed by my inner darkness, but I learn to be patient, to let Him be at work in me; I live according to His seasons and accept His will. Most of the time, I do not accept it very gracefully, but I trust that the beginning of acceptance, my fumbling efforts, my scribbles upon a piece of paper, as it were -God have mercy on me! I believe that they please Him.

My only wish is to be like Him.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

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6 thoughts on “Repentant Prince rosary

  1. I really do like this rosary. I think I like it most, not just because the Professor inspired you, but because it has such meaning to you. When one can see beauty through the eye of the beholder, it is so much more than just beautiful; it has become something treasured.

    I so wish I could lift away your burdens magically, but it will have to do that you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. To uphold you, upholds me, as well. I feel like I am failing, daily, in my meagre pursuits, my “I have no life” existence, and I would completely forget to pray, which now brings a calmness to me I’ve so long been lacking. I remember to pray, now, because there are friends I have promised to remember in them.

    I have tripped over many things, but I’ve yet to stumble over a promise made.

    Breathe in the quiet, dear Professor, and yes, have patience… it will be well.

    God bless you!


    • God bless you for your kind words about the rosary, my dearest one! It is truly something special… It has so much meaning, so many associations, so much history, if I may put it that way.

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your encouraging words. I would never call your pursuits meager, most beloved! I think they are sacred and beautiful. As St. Thérèse wrote, the Lord loves the little things best 🙂

      *wraps you in a tender robed embrace*


  2. I like this rosary. It is very symbolic and obviously made with great care and love.

    Professor, did you get my package yet? Let me know when it arrives.

    The Star Quest Production Network has a podcast called “The Secrets of Harry Potter” which featured a short, positive review of The Lord of the Hallows at the conclusion of episode 48 “The Battle of Hogwarts.” It can be found at I listen to Fr. Roderick’s show all of the time and I was very surprised to hear my name on the show today. 🙂 I think this is a show you’d like, Professor.


    • Thank you so much for your kind words about the rosary, most beloved… It has been a great blessing to pray with it 🙂

      I so love making rosaries… It is such a profound joy to me. As is praying the rosary.

      The package has not yet arrived, but I am sure it will not be much longer! I can hardly wait; I shall be certain to let you know once it has reached me. Incidentally, yours is (finally!) on its way as well -it is filled with happy things.

      Congratulations on being featured on the podcast! My goodness, what a wonderful surprise that must have been… But entirely deserved 🙂 I have bookmarked the website; it looks fantastic.


  3. Professor, I hope you will have a rosary like this one for sale. I think it will be a popular item with Snape fans. I know I would like one of these beautiful rosaries.

    I, also, am anxious to receive the package that you have sent to me. 🙂 I am sure I will love it.

    I just updated my blog at if anyone here is interested. I have information there about how one can obtain a personalized autographed copy of The Lord of the Hallows.


    • I shall definitely have rosaries exactly like this one for sale… It will be another way for me to uphold fellow Snape fans 🙂 God bless you for your support!

      Thank you for sharing the news about how to obtain an autographed copy of your book! All of you who are reading this, her book is amazing; I so enjoyed reading it.


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