Mater Dolorosa rosary

Kind readers,

so, getting back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Here are photos of my latest rosary, the Mater Dolorosa. I used deep violet crystal glass beads.

My etsy shop will be officially open this friday. If you see a rosary that appeals to you and it is sold before you get a chance to acquire it, do not worry; I shall make another one like it. In addition, my shop will feature a “reserved” section. If there is a rosary that you wish to have, let me know and when I list it, I shall mark it as reserved for you.

I thank the Lord and the Virgin Mary that they inspired me to begin this work… It is very peaceful, very quiet, very centering. When my writing vocation and the commotion that can sometimes surround it make me falter, it is a relief to know that I can just sit in my sanctuary and craft a rosary. The activity fills my heart with tranquility.

All that has happened since I started blogging six years ago, ça me déboussole un peu. At the same time, I am used to being a stranger in a strange land, as it were… So I just keep plodding along. I try to speak from my heart and obey God.

I am so happy that spring is here. Breathing the air, and gazing at the sky, that is an amazing thing.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

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