Joan, Thérèse, and peace

Kind readers,

I have two more rosaries for you today.

First, another Joan of Arc, with hematite beads.

Second, St. Thérèse of Lisieux… Rose crystal glass beads, and silver rosebud divider beads.

I took care of a few more etsy shop business related matters this morning… Ah, goodness. I do not find such things easy; paperwork and forms and all that, I mean. But I think I have done a good job of it, and my efforts have a noble, worthy goal. I so love making rosaries for you!

I am not certain that I shall be able to list them all in one go once I open my etsy shop on friday, but I have no doubt you will be patient with me. This project has given me such joy; even more than writing, in truth. After I have published A Princely Calling, I shall slow down a lot, publishing wise.

Making rosaries, and taking care of my precious ones over on Livejournal: those will be my main endeavors. A book, now and then.

I finally listened to Jane’s very kind review of Bring forth the best robes on Ancient Faith Radio, and I was so touched that she found my scribblings compassionate… That is the reason why I write: to give comfort and hope. I can say, however, that this was about as much publicity as I shall be able to handle for a while. I have been feeling exhausted and a little skittish. Thank heaven, my field of activity is so specialized (not to say odd) that it will always remain small…

Without a measure of peace, I cannot function. I shall always have a retiring nature.

Less than two weeks left until Holy Week.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

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3 thoughts on “Joan, Thérèse, and peace

    • Thank you so much, my dearest one… It is very good to see you here 🙂

      As it happens, I made a Stations of the Cross chaplet last night… I shall be posting photos of it at some point today. I also have the items required to make a Seven Sorrows chaplet.


      • Oh I will look forward to seeing that. I’ve really enjoyed looking at your beadwork.

        (Though honestly, being Lutheran, I wouldn’t know what to do with rosaries or prayer beads of any sort if they fell out of the sky onto my head, but your work is still very beautiful and inspiring.)


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