Stations of the Cross chaplet, Infinitus news

Kind readers,

last night, I made my first chaplet. It is one of my very favorite devotions: the Stations of the Cross.

I used garnet crystal glass, symbolizing Christ’s blood shed for love’s sake.

Ah, yes, one of my Infinitus proposals, “Severus Snape, Jedi Master,” has been accepted by the vetting committee. I do not yet know about the other one, but it should not be much longer, I imagine. So far, I know that I shall be rambling for at least twenty minutes during the convention!

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

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2 thoughts on “Stations of the Cross chaplet, Infinitus news

  1. I wish I could attend and listen to your presentation. Would it be possible to have it taped, and then post it to YouTube afterwards for all to enjoy? Just a thought.


    • I wish you could be there too, most beloved! I do know that the presentation will be recorded, and audio CDs will be available on the Infinitus website after the convention.


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