Sacred Heart of my heart

Kind readers,

I made another rosary last night, and took photos of it this morning… I am very pleased with both.

I love the Sacred Heart; it was a joy to craft this particular rosary. I have just listed it on my etsy shop.

Ah, goodness -what a heavenly sight! This is such a wonderful image of the Lord, He who is gentle and humble in heart.

I am mastering the art of framing a photograph so that it looks perfect either in the “featured” section of my shop or as a thumbnail.

Have I mentioned how much I love making rosaries?

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

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5 thoughts on “Sacred Heart of my heart

  1. Id like to buy a sacred heart and good shepherd rosary. Please email me price and story of how you chose stone colors, plus images.


    • My dearest Jorge,

      alas, I am not making any new rosaries at the moment, because I am busy writing my latest book (which I want to finish two months from now, so that it is ready in time for Ascendio, a Harry Potter convention taking place in Orlando this summer! I am a little overwhelmed). I am so sorry if this is a disappointment! But perhaps this summer I could make the rosaries for you?

      God bless you for your kindness ♥


      • 😦 but I applaud your dedication to writing and prayer. They coalesce for me as well, except I have not published and mostly into poetry. Do you have the Good Shepherd Rosary still?


          • Thank you so much for your patience! Perhaps after I finish the book (I am aiming for the beginning of May), I might make a couple of rosaries before the convention… I have what I need to make another Good Shepherd and Sacred Heart and everything 🙂


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