I am a pilgrim

Kind readers,

I shall have more rosaries for you in the coming weeks… Also, chotki; I have ordered beads and tassels for the first design, which will be another “Repentant Prince” creation.

Also, I shall be getting back to work upon my latest publication project, No lasting city, and then devoting myself to the book that will follow, Blessed.

Ah, goodness… I had a very relaxing week, even writing fan fiction after a long hiatus, but Great Lent and Holy Week have caught up with me today; I am quite tired. Thankfully, I took care of urgent errands yesterday, so I shall just sit here for a couple of days…

I have been thinking a lot about Father Lev Gillet lately. I need to read A Monk of the Eastern Church again; that book was such a source of comfort to me.

Elisabeth Behr-Sigel wrote that he wanted to “realize in his person the union which seemed impossible at an institutional level.” I too feel that I can be perceived as “enigmatic, sometimes disconcerting and full of paradox.”

The words in my heart are his: “Only the Gospel matters.” He wrote, “I see more of the Gospel in what Vinova Bhave and Danilo Dolci are doing at the moment than in all the pontifical liturgies in the world.”

Father Lev “was obeying the Spirit, who was calling him to ‘approach Christ the unexpected,’ present in so many different ways in the other.”

I shared an image on my livejournal the other day, and I shall do so again here…

It is an illustration of my inner temple. I am living the Gospel as an outcast, outside the walls of Jerusalem, caring for those who are overlooked or rejected -those who do not fit the “correct” vision, whatever it is.

Charlie is depicting the church of which I am a member, my poor little cabin. I travel, a pilgrim, and come across the humble shack at the edge of bustling cities, in open fields, at the foot of mountains. I never fail to come across it, and its shelter is of a nature that is true. More so, it is permanent, by its very frailty… It goes beyond appearances, beyond what “seems.”

I rest there, but I am always on the road. Seeking.

The Lord said, “Destroy this temple, and I shall rebuild it in three days.”

I desire to see the “hidden, implicit Christ” wherever He is to be found. My heart cries for it. I am impelled by this longing.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

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