the tender, inner sigh of love

Kind readers,

my dear friend and fellow writer Denise Roper will be leading two panel discussions at ImagiCon in Birmingham, Alabama on Saturday, May 22. The panels are about the Harry Potter books vs. the films (visit her blog at for more about this).

Speaking of conventions, my talented friend Ben Wu drew something special for me, a piece I shall use to make postcards for my loved ones who will be coming to Infinitus (less than two months from now)…

It is amazing. Somehow, he always seems to capture what is going on inside my heart, to illustrate all that is most important to me, my longing and struggles; my quiet joy, which is inseparable from a peaceful sort of mourning, a tender, inner sigh, a declaration of love: my spiritual life, that is to say, my communion with the Compassionate One, the One-Who-Suffers-With, the One who forgives and liberates.

I have been reading Le Pouvoir de Pardonner by Lytta Basset. Her writings are giving me much to ponder, and have been a fount of delight to me.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

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8 thoughts on “the tender, inner sigh of love

  1. Thanks for posting this, Professor. I’ve got a couple of great comments on my blog post about the Harry Potter books vs. the films panel already. It’s going to be an interesting discussion! Come by and comment if you’d like.

    I really love Ben Wu’s artwork. He is so talented! 🙂


  2. Thanks for posting the information about ImagiCon, Professor. My presentation on Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings went very well, and the panel discussion of Harry Potter books vs. films was a blast. One man told me that my HP/LOTR presentation was the best event in the entire convention, and two people told me that my presentation was so beautiful it made them cry! That really made my day.

    I gave out a large number of my business cards for The Lord of the Hallows at this convention, and I also gave out all of the cards I had for and for The Flawed Master. I have two other conventions and a conference left before Infinitus 2010, so you can send me some more cards if you’d like. I’ll continue to give them out to HP fans that I meet. 🙂

    Jean Alexander, a very talented artist that I met at ImagiCon, painted a portrait of Severus in acrylic on a huge canvas coated with black gesso. She perfectly captured the Professor’s haunted expression and sorrowful eyes. I half expected the portrait to start crying. It was brilliant! Anyway, she’s a great Snape fan and a Christian. I gave her one of your postcards and told her about your books. You can see some of her works at


    • I was so happy to hear all the good news about your time at ImagiCon, presentation and panel discussion (though that your words were so well received comes as no surprise). I am all the more anxious to attend your lecture at Infinitus…

      God bless you, as always, for your immense goodness to me. I am awed by your stamina and gregariousness. I am stressed because of Infinitus and have managed to throw out my back twice in two weeks (not that I have engaged in any activity that would result in such discomfort; it is just due to stress!). I am humbled by your kindness and shall send you more postcards later this week…

      I wish I had seen the portrait you spoke of with my own eyes! My goodness, it sounds perfectly divine. Thank you so much for letting its creator know about my scribblings (although, as usual, the notion that more people are reading them makes me feel a bit faint… But one is compelled to share the blessed message of hope, eh? To the Lord all things are possible). 🙂


  3. Professor, I took a photo of Jean’s painting of Severus and posted it on my blog today. The most amazing thing is that she painted in in about 45 minutes while we watched. 🙂

    Let me know what you think of it.


  4. I recently posted a photo of an art print of Jean’s on my blog. It is a print of her original Snape painting, which is my favorite of the two. Come and have a look at it. 🙂


    • Oh, my gosh, it is so, so beautiful… I am going to have to get a print of that! I am so glad that you had a lovely time at the con! The photographs are hilarious 🙂


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