Aeternitas report

Kind readers,

Aeternitas was truly a wonderful event… It was mellow, friendly, creative and joyful. I plan to attend again in 2015.

You can read my lectures here:

Wayward Sons: Professor Snape, Captain Harlock, and the Quest for an Ideal

A Crystal Flask: Severus Snape, Individuation and Transcendence

You can also view a video of my second lecture here:

first part

second part

third part

As you can see, The Enthusiasts took beautiful photos!

I have been resting and recuperating since I returned home from New Hampshire. I am reading numerous books in preparation for my next project, Blessed: how to be a joyful mystic (an overdue project, but I am only just starting to feel ready to write the book), and I have had an idea for a novel…

I have tranquil months ahead of me, a time dedicated to my writing endeavors, to tranquility, to contemplation, to spiritual exploration. I had thought I would go to Ascendio in 2012, but that will not happen. I need a vacation from travel, speaking and conventions; I need to recharge.

A reclusive creature, am I.

This will be the Summer of the Garden! I shall be there as much as possible, reading, scribbling, gazing at flowers and clouds, and meditating.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor


10 thoughts on “Aeternitas report

  1. You are beautiful, beautimous, bodacious (that’s from a very old Foghorn Leghorn cartoon)!!

    I am both jealous, and pleased you were kept so busy hugging people, and kissing big, round, grey things — okay, I tried to figure out what that was, but I like hubby’s answer best: it’s a happy blood cell. Oh well, he’s sort of creepy.

    Anyway, I am glad you are back home, and enjoying your garden and all that comes with it. For this garden lover, please take a lot of photos this spring and summer. 🙂 <—— *puppy dog eyes*


  2. Aw, shucks! Thank you so much for your kind words, my dearest one 🙂

    ~it’s a happy blood cell~


    A loved one has told me that the fur ball in question is in fact a Squishable. Are they not, well, squishable? I may have to get one of those…

    Aeternitas was a blessed event, but I am extremely happy to be home. I promise that I shall take pictures of my flowers for you… The first one will be of my black tulips 🙂


  3. Those were very enjoyable essays, especially the one about Snape and Captain Harlock. Thanks for sharing them with us. And if you have the time, please tell us more about the convention.


  4. The picture of you with the Squishable is one of the best. Aeternitas was indeed a wonderful event, and I was thankful to have had the following week off to ease back into the Muggle world, and enjoy the post-Con high.
    I am looking forward to our weather in WI improving so I can be outside enjoying all that Spring and Summer have to offer!


    • I am going to have to get one of those Squishable creatures… Possibly the bunny 😉

      Aeternitas was such a cozy convention, you know? I enjoyed it thoroughly.

      We had nice weather for a while up here, but now we are having a few days of rain and cooler temperatures… Ah, well! The sunny days will return soon enough; in the meantime, I am relaxing in my sanctuary with books and hot beverages.

      May your spring and summer be filled with joy 🙂


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