once again, with feeling

Kind readers,

as I imagine you can guess, Alan Rickman’s scenes in the second part of Deathly Hallows took my breath away.

In my most recent livejournal entries, I wrote at length about this and the nature of Professor Snape’s influence on my life.

I need to see the film again this coming week (I plan to take notes). I am ready to begin working on my next book of essays, which I shall release not long before Ascendio 2012.

I think to say that I am ready to begin is too weak a word. I am dying to write this book.

I shall be using a universal outlook in The Severus Snape Paradigm, encompassing the spiritual wisdom of mankind. I shall again be using Christian terminology and understanding, but I shall widen my scope even more than I have in the past; my approach will be less “specialized,” if you will. For instance, each chapter will be constructed around a certain tarot archetype. There will be psychology, religion, myth, spirituality.

Blessed: how to be a joyful mystic will feature that more specialized focus, but it also will be profoundly far reaching and characterized by a pluralistic vision. I have already begun writing that book.

My goal is Love. My message is Hope. That is all.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor