ink, mark of my life

Kind readers,

I got a little more ink done yesterday!

Joining Professor Snape on my upper left arm are a lily, symbol of true and eternal love, symbol of the One, and the words Half-Blood Prince, which remind me of my dedication to those who are in between, at the center of opposite poles…

I myself am at last wholly at peace with the fact that I have always been, and shall always be, on the margins. Indeed, I believe it is a noble state. My heart has never contained more joy, tranquility and determination as it does now.

In other news, I have begun working on Blessed: how to be a joyful mystic and The Severus Snape Paradigm: Outcast, Rebel, Hero -it is going very well. I am writing the first draft of each by hand, and often do so whilst enjoying soup at a cozy local café, Moca Loca.

I have been feeling very inspired. More than ever, I am on a mission.

Ah, and the call for papers re: Ascendio is out! Next spring, I shall know if more rambling is on the horizon… I plan to submit a paper called “Chariot, Hangman, World: the cosmic ascent of Severus Snape” and possibly something called “Logospilgrim’s mystical vision of Severus Snape,” a sort of overview of the rambles I have given so far (it was requested by loved ones)… We shall see. I might save the latter for Aternitas 2013. Giving lectures at conventions is an exhausting affair!

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor


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  1. Hello, Professor! 🙂 I followed you here from Livejournal (I am snapexforever there) and I’ve linked to your blog on my page, if that’s okay. My blog is poetry, if you’re interested 😉


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