now, and Always

Kind readers,

I had more lilies added to the arm of Snapeness… Severus deserved a whole garden of them, I thought.

As always, Tiffany did an exquisite job. It is such a pleasure being tattooed by her. Next up: Professor Snape’s wand, with a vial containing his silver tears, right above the words Half-Blood Prince. It will be beautiful, and again, highly significant.

I am currently working on The Severus Snape Paradigm (and reading a large pile of mystical and esoteric texts). Ascendio is already just a few short months away!

To strengthen me, I made this new set of prayer beads the other day:

The prayer I repeat is “now, and Always.” I am at one with the manifested, and embody a part of the Unmanifested. I am a combination of polarities, and transcend all polarities. I see beauty and Love everywhere, both in what is smooth, and what is rough. Every day, I am reborn.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor


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