well on the way

Kind readers,

last night, Tiffany put the finishing touches to my left arm… It is all extremely beautiful and the sight of it upholds me.

I am extremely fortunate to have such a talented artist adorning my limbs.

These photos were taken right after the session was over:

She added a second leaf to the lily on the back of my forearm, and redid the fine outline around the first leaf and the lily itself (they had gotten a bit lost in the green color). She also added lovely stars around the snake-sword-cauldron piece.

And these were taken this morning, after I removed the bandage and washed my latest ink:

I am very much looking forward to sharing the art with my loved ones at Ascendio! I recently booked my flight and this week had my first dream about being unable to find my hotel room. So we are well on the way 😉

In other news, I am hard at work on The Severus Snape Paradigm… For the next two months, I shall be hidden behind piles of books and papers. I am happy to report that it is going well, although, as usual, I have no idea whether what I am scribbling is good or not. I am hopeful it will be… whatever it is meant to be.

It appears that there will be a book fair during the convention, and if all goes well I shall be signing copies of the book there. I shall keep you posted!

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor


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