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Kind readers,

I have been hard at work upon my upcoming book, The Severus Snape Paradigm: Outcast, Rebel, Hero. I am at the halfway mark.

I put together the structure of the book last July, and I shall share it with you again below, including the tarot archetypes that are inspiring me (although, it must be said, my interpretations of the cards are related to my mystical understanding of Professor Snape and are thus often wildly creative and sometimes at considerable variance with traditional meanings):

The book is divided into three parts, each composed of three essays, all of which are interrelated and build upon each other.


The Waif (The Fool)
The Wizard (The Magician)
The Warrior (The Chariot)


The Messenger (The Hermit)
The Master (The Wheel of Fortune) -I am busy writing this one now
The Mystic (The Hanged Man)


The Hell-Raiser (The Tower)
The Helper (Judgment)
The Healer (The World)

The essays also contain very personal passages that relate, in the context of each essay, how Professor Snape has affected me and my worldview.

The book will be finished at the start of May. It will be available directly from lulu not too long after that, and should be available on amazon in time for Ascendio. I shall be signing copies of the book during the convention.

Ah yes! I almost forgot… I shall be lecturing at some point during Ascendio as well. My presentation will be based on the book and will be called “Chariot, Hanged Man, World: The Cosmic Ascent of Severus Snape.”

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor