Ascendio: book signing and lecture

Kind readers,

well, yesterday I finished my latest book of mystical essays about Professor Snape, The Severus Snape Paradigm: Outcast, Rebel, Hero.

I am resting my brain a little today, although it is oh so tempting to start proofreading it now. However, I am exhausted and need to recuperate just a bit…

I plan to upload the manuscript by the middle of the week, so that I have copies ready in time for Ascendio (which is next month! Help! Help!).

Here is the structure of the book again:


The Waif (The Fool)
The Wizard (The Magician)
The Warrior (The Chariot)


The Messenger (The Hermit)
The Master (The Wheel of Fortune)
The Mystic (The Hanged Man)


The Hell-Raiser (The Tower)
The Healer (Judgment)
The Herald (The World)

As always, and perhaps more than ever, I am not quite sure what it is I have done exactly. My only wish is for my scribblings to be of comfort now and then…

Despite the fact that I am not an expert on any of the topics I wrote about in the book, I drew from my own experience and shared my heart earnestly, in the hope that this small contribution of mine might ease suffering and inspire those who read it. I would like to apologize in advance for any drivel and lack of wisdom the work contains.

I drew upon Taoism, Gnostic Christianity and Buddhism a lot. I also owe gratitude for the beauty found in Hinduism. There is a good spoonful of Neo-Paganism in there too, I think.

In the book, I write about how Professor Snape has influenced my spiritual journey and practice, and how he has helped me to cope with change. The book is about Oneness, balance, transcending duality, universal and inclusive unconditional love, and the mystical center. It is about compassion for all beings, including oneself, and peace. It is about knowing through unknowing. It is about leaving certainty behind and letting go.

That was what I attempted to do, at any rate. It is a sort of… mystical kaleidoscope. Or something.

And now, about Ascendio

I shall be signing copies of the book on July 12 during the book fair, from two to six approximately.

I shall be giving my lecture/ramble, “Chariot, Hanged Man, World: The Cosmic Ascent of Severus Snape” on July 14 at noon, in a room called Tuscan I.

In other news, my dearest and most talented friend Ben Wu did another exquisite piece for me recently.

It symbolizes my wish for all beings to be at peace.

My practice is universal wholeness… That is The Severus Snape Paradigm in a nutshell.

To quote Jean-Yves Leloup’s book Judas and Jesus: Two Faces of a Single Revelation (which I do in my latest work),

“It is neither good nor evil that will have the last word. They are the two halves that compose a human being… And beyond good and evil, beyond these two halves, another road begins.”

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor