solitary peace

Kind readers,

it has been very good to rest… I still have a few more weeks of rest ahead of me. I am soaking up quietude like a dry sponge.

I am very happy that I went to Ascendio, and had the chance to sign copies of my latest book for loved ones:

It was a joy and a privilege. Also, I am quite happy with said book.

Since I returned home, I have been recuperating and treating myself gently. I have been enjoying solitary peace -I have been reading, gadding about, going to places that delight me… Such as the tea room at the Mackenzie King estate:

I have been eating curried dishes on the market:

I have been scribblings in journals, gazing at trees, relaxing in my sanctuary. It is all good.

My upcoming book has also been slowing brewing in the depths of my being. I am looking forward to working on it this fall; I am looking forward to a contemplative autumn.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor