upcoming titles

Kind readers,

the release of Blessed: How to Be a Joyful Mystic is imminent… I am awaiting the arrival of my sample copy. Once I have received it, and everything looks all right, I shall approve it, at which point it will be available for purchase here on my website. Around a month later, it will be available on amazon as well -I shall be sharing all the relevant information with you here 🙂

In other news, my dear and talented friend Ben Wu has kindly agreed to illustrate the covers of my upcoming books The Magic of Love, The Magic of Hope, and The Magic of Freedom. I shall start working on the first, The Magic of Love, soon after MISTI-Con.

In other other news, I have redesigned the cover, and changed the subtitle, of another of my upcoming projects.

Here it is:

I had thought I would write this one in 2014, but it looks like it may well happen sooner. Apparently, I am not finished rambling about Professor Snape yet! Merely gazing at the cover above is giving me one idea after the other.

And, I had some new ink done! It was an excellent way to celebrate having completed Blessed… Here is a picture of it, taken the day after it was done. Once again, Tiffany has done something exquisite for me, and the ink has made me very happy.

Despite all these projects brewing in my head, I shall be resting as much as possible this month. MISTI is almost here! Egad.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor