stockpiling bottles of ink

Kind readers,

MISTI-Con is getting ever closer… I am so looking forward to seeing many loved ones at this event!

In the meantime, I have been establishing a writing schedule for my upcoming projects.

This summer, I shall be working on The Magic of Love; I believe I shall be publishing it around October or so.

My dearest Ben Wu has already done the illustration for the cover, which I shall share with you now:

I am, as always, thrilled with the result! It is most inspiring. I always love what Ben does.

While I am writing The Magic of Love, I shall also be working on the first draft of my novel Outlaw in the Land of Perfection:

I am very hopeful that I could have the novel finished in time for Leaky 2014 (if I do attend the conference in question!).

Once I have published The Magic of Love, I shall get to work writing A Princely Calling: The Mystical Secrets of Severus Snape. Once again, my goal would be to have it ready in time for Leaky 2014.

I have the table of contents for Princely Calling figured out. Here it is:

the serpent

the dungeons

the robes

the cauldron

the knife

the goblet

the wand

the hands

the eyes

the heart

the prince

Thus, my quill will be quite busy in the coming months, all the way up to next summer! The work will be slow (in a manner of speaking), yet steady, so that I do not burn out 🙂

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor