books and buttons

Kind readers,

this week, my dear friend Rik Potter published his book The Boy Who Lived: Magical Spirituality in the Harry Potter Universe 🙂 He will be signing copies of it at MISTI-Con (where I shall get mine!).

You can also buy it online:

It includes my short article, “Wise as a Serpent: How Professor Snape introduced me to Neo-Paganism.”

In other beautiful news, my new Snape coat, fashioned for me by my talented friend Nezumi, has arrived… I shall be wearing it for the first time at MISTI.

Here I am, modelling it a little. Of course, I tried it on the instant I took it out of the box! And the coat fit me perfectly.

My copies of Blessed: How to Be a Joyful Mystic arrived the other day, so I am officially all set for the book signing! I shall also have copies of The Severus Snape Paradigm: Outcast, Rebel, Hero on hand.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor