summer blooms

Kind readers,

I hope you are having a beautiful summer…

I am still waiting for things to warm up over here, but it is supposed to be quite nice this week! I want to spend time relaxing in my garden… I want to read there, to plant more flowers, to sit and gaze at the sky.

I have been puttering, organizing my books, resting.

I have also come up with another writing project!

It will consist of a series of booklets, around thirty pages or so each, and there may be up to twelve of them. I shall be creating a special tarot card spread, which I shall use to communicate with my unconscious, and my Universal Self. I shall then share the messages I receive in these booklets. They will be a collaboration, as it were, between me and my Guide, an image of the One and All, Cosmic Love, the Infinite Circle. I shall ramble about mysticism, love, peace, life…

I think writing these booklets will be both intense and a lot of fun, and it will be a good way to introduce my body of work to those who might be curious about my rambles.

I shall just be doing what I usually do… Share my heart, joy and experiences.

In other news, I am very eager to check out The Singing Pebble’s new location, and its adjoining coffee shop! Mystical books and beverages: a wonderful combination 🙂

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor