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Kind readers,

I am happy to say that Blessed: How to Be a Joyful Mystic is now available on amazon!


If you have read it, and it has been of comfort to you, or has delighted you, please, do share your thoughts on amazon! I am grateful for your support and affection ♥

In other very happy news, the wonderful organizers of MISTI-Con 2013 have begun putting together MISTI-Con 2015! It will take place from May 21 to May 25 2015, again at the Margate in Laconia, New Hampshire. I have already reserved my room, and can hardly wait for the convention.

Go see their YouTube video here!

I plan to sign copies of The Magic of Love, A Princely Calling: The Mystical Secrets of Severus Snape, and Outlaw in the Land of Perfection at MISTI 15 🙂

I also finished The Prince of Lilies at last. He had been sitting on that canvas for a few years…

Now that I have finally picked up the brush again, and seen how much good it has done me to paint, I have been devoting time to this relaxing activity once more.

I have begun working on a self-portrait, entitled The Warmth of Java (for some reason, I love painting imaginary tropical scenes). The picture below was taken after I sketched the image on the canvas; I have begun coloring it.

Its size is 16X20 inches.

In addition, I have sketched another image on canvas, this one 24X38 inches. The painting will be called Unutterably Honorable. I plan to bring it with me at MISTI 15 -it will be a nice presence on my signing table…

I shall have Quietus 2016 news for you soon as well! After a small snafu (the order failed to go through), things were sorted and the bags will soon be on their way to me.

And just before I go have a nice soup and then scribble at Sérénithé, I have yet another beautiful thing to share with you.

My dear friend Amanda Grabler has written a lovely book of poetry called Echoes. It contains a collection of warm and touching poems and images; the book is like gazing through an old photo album. Through Amanda’s lyrical words, we find ourselves transported in time as we revisit our own lives and memories, our joys and sorrows… To quote one of her poems,

In the distance

In the breeze

I see your face upon the seas

Buoyant in your newfound ways.

Many of the poems are haunting, as is the artwork scattered throughout the volume, such as a chalk drawing/photography mixed media image entitled Lullaby, of a young woman staring at the sea; it is softly mesmerizing. Echoes is a tender, personal book. It clings to one’s heart like a poignant recollection.


And now, off I go to enjoy the sunshine and scribble!

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor