Logos Tarot

Kind readers,

I am filled with creativity this summer! I am full to the brim, and overflowing.

The First Message will be published next month. I have decided that there will be a total of five booklets in this series.

This fall, I shall be writing The Magic of Love.

At the same time, I shall be working on a new project, which will be ready in time for MISTI-Con 2015, along with A Princely Calling (which will be published in 2014) and Outlaw in the Land of Perfection.

The new project is my own tarot deck, the Logos Tarot, along with an accompanying book.

Here is the first card:

And here is the cover of the book:

This something I have wanted to do in the past, but did not feel capable of it… I now believe I can do it 🙂

It is actually an immense amount of fun, too. I have acquired a light box to help me in my work, and I so love that little device!

MISTI-Con 2015 will be a joyous celebration for me, in so many ways.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor


2 thoughts on “Logos Tarot

    • Indeed! There must be something in the air! Illustrating this deck is going to be most therapeutic and a wondrous mystical experience… I have often thought of doing this in the past, but for various reasons was not yet ready. Not to mention that it is now much easier to get a deck printed!

      I simply cannot wait to get my hands on your tarot journal 🙂 Will you illustrate your own deck at some point too? Because if you do, I shall definitely add it to my collection!


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