a new year

Kind readers,

here we are already: 2014.

To begin with, I have had my hair chopped off, and feel quite happy about this.

I am about to spend the winter and spring working on Outlaw in the Land of Perfection and A Princely Calling: The Mystical Secrets of Severus Snape.

My dearest friend Nezumi is going to be illustrating a new cover for Outlaw, and I have found an editor for the novel as well.

I have decided against going to Leaky this summer. Those conventions are just not my thing, and I already have enough of my plate. I want to get plenty of writing done, then rest a bit during the summer months, then write some more and prepare myself for MISTI 15. Leaky intrigued me, but not enough to justify an exhausting trip. The event itself will be crowded, loud… So, nah.

This year, I am going to continue following my heart and sharing my heart. I am going to write, buy more ties, laugh, get more ink, and be joyful.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

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