not in Kansas anymore

Kind readers,

I am hard at work on the second draft of Outlaw in the Land of Perfection, and it is going well. I want this draft finished by the middle of April, at which point I shall place it in my editor’s competent hands. I am set to publish the book by early summer; it will be available as a print edition, and a Kindle edition (I shall be asking someone to format it for me).

Nezumi is coloring the cover illustration… Here is the inked version:

She has captured the bond between Heaven and Silverheart perfectly. This image makes me so happy. It is magical.

I am still counting the days until spring. Mercy! But, in the middle of January, I was told the most amazing and excellent and encouraging of news, and it made our harsh winter much less terrible all of a sudden. At the start of May, I shall be going to Ottawa Comic Con, where an old dream of mine will at last finds its fulfillment: I shall have the chance to meet a man I have admired and frankly adored since I was fifteen years old, the inimitable, lovely and wonderful Robert Englund.

In 1987, I participated in a writing contest held by Fangoria Magazine, and to my great astonishment, not to mention my unending delight, won the first prize… The red and green sweater he wore in the first three Nightmare films:

I was also sent an autographed photo…

I have two more autographed photos of him, one that he sent me when I was fifteen, and another that he sent me when I was at university in the early 90s. You can read more about this here. He is such a sweet man; the thought that I shall be able to thank him face to face for being so kind is a bit overwhelming.

Yes, I shall be bringing the sweater with me, and I shall be wearing it. Wee!

I also intend to do some cosplaying, and I have got my sights set on a role he played in The Moleman of Belmont Avenue, Mr. Confab. Spirit gum, here I come 😉

And needless to say, I shall have some ink for him.

Even more fantastic news: he is coming back to Canada in September, to Montreal Comic Con, and I am going to go to that convention too. I want to give him a copy of Outlaw there… I just want to give him a copy, without expecting him to read it or anything. I shall be ecstatic just seeing him holding it in his hands.

So, these days, when I am not writing, I am busy catching up with his filmography!

Oh, and here is a picture of me sporting a beautiful red tie.

Two more haircuts or so, and my hair will be gleaming with silver amidst what’s left of my light brown color. I can hardly wait to see that. I want to do real photo sessions, but I am waiting until I have finished growing out the black dye.

I want to cosplay Silverheart when I go to Montreal. I shall definitely be cosplaying her at MISTI 15.

Many good things in store!

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor