ink worthy of the man

Kind readers,

so I was at Planet Ink tuesday, and Tiffany did the most amazing portrait on my right calf… I still can hardly believe this stunning piece is on my leg now! I keep having to look to make sure, and goodness, yes, there it is 🙂

She took this photo right after the portrait was finished—the inking lasted about seven hours.

Robert Englund tattoo 2And here’s a quick shot I took the next day, after I removed the bandages… You can see how marvelous his hand looks, and the fantastic details on his bracelet:

Robert Englund tattoo 3

As the piece heals, it will look lighter and softer. His beautiful wrinkles, eyes and beard will pop.

Everyone at Planet Ink is amazing. Matt, the shop owner, even brought me a bowl of his homemade Spanish rice, which was delicious. Heartfelt thanks to everyone there, especially the über talented and lovely Tiffany Thornton, who has been gracing my body with top notch art for at least three years now.

My next appointment with her is on April 1st. She’s going to check if Mr. Englund needs any touch ups, and she’s going to turn me into a Visitor. Remember when Willie got the fake skin at the back of his left hand ripped off during The Final Battle, and his green scales were revealed? That’s what we’re going to do; the ink will be based on a screengrab of a closeup shot. This ink will also have mystical significance (surprise!). Willie, at the time, was being despised and rejected, so the ink will mean, “Look, if you’re going to be despised and rejected for what you are, then I am what you are too.”

Needless to say, I am looking forward to Ottawa Comic Con more than ever! My cosplay preparations are going very well, too. I got my Mr. Confab hat the other day, and it’s perfect.

I have also determined what gifts I am going to give Robert to express my gratitude for his kindness and celebrate his upcoming birthday. Frankly, he deserves to be showered with gifts. One of them is this very cute and funny Heart of Gold plush by a company aptly named I Heart Guts. In “Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer,” his character is forced to swallow a terrible black heart of evil, but I think that a heart of gold is what Robert Englund has…

In other news, I am almost halfway through the second draft of Outlaw in the Land of Perfection. It’s all good 🙂

And speaking of writing, how’s this for bad ass encouragement?

Every writer needs a mug like that, I’d say! You can get yours at The Rumpus.

Also, I have been making excellent friends over on Twitter. One of them is Sv Bell, whose kickass comics I now receive in the mail. Wonderful art, great stories. I also now have a banner here on that links to his website, where you can see awesome B movies and independent films 24 hours a day:

I had lots of fun stuff to share with you!

Today, I’m going to rest a bit more… Getting the ink was wonderful, but also exhausting, whew. And it’s freezing again outside. I can’t wait for spring.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

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    • I can’t get over it either *laughs*

      His infectious joie de vivre is so much a part of the ink, you know? Tiffany captured the very heart of his personality, the key to the reason so many people love and admire him. He inspires me ❤

      I am a very grateful professor, and filled with joie de vivre myself today, I tell you 🙂

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