Flashback Weekend 2014 and other tidbits

Kind readers,

it doesn’t exactly feel like spring around here yet, but thankfully there are many things that are raising my spirits these days.

Apart from Ottawa Comic Con, and Montreal Comic Con, another thrilling event is now part of my 2014 schedule: Flashback Weekend.

This will be my first horror con, and I’m very excited. It’ll also be my first trip to Chicago. I love the whole concept of this particular con: regular convention by day, horror film fest by night. The films are screened at the gorgeous Mulvico Rosemont 18, which also has a full restaurant and bar, Bogart’s. There will be a Phantasm reunion. A Zombie Pinup Beauty Pageant.

Not to mention, this splendid man:

Meaning that I won’t be meeting him twice, but three times in 2014. My cup runneth over! And this convention sounds like it’ll be a complete blast in every respect.

I’ve already book my room at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare, and am waiting for the tickets to go on sale.

Here’s a few more cool things I’ll share with you…

The letter Fangoria sent me when I won Freddy’s sweater in 1987:

And the Fangoria issue that featured my winning entry…

I’ll be bringing it with me to Flashback (it goes without saying, eh?). And I’ll be bringing copies of Outlaw.

It’s good to be part of the horror fandom again! These past ten years or so, my attention was elsewhere, but my re-embracing horror feels like a celebration; I love the subversive zaniness of horror. It’s like when Ian Essko says “Do I suck or what?!” and laughs in Zombie Strippers: to me, there’s something wonderfully Taoistic or Zen about his words. It’s a joyful acceptance of absurdity. The absurdity of life isn’t meaningless by nature; that much, I’m glad to say, I’ve come to know.

The magnificent ink portrait I got last week at Planet Ink has been healing very well. I can hardly believe that Ottawa Comic Con is almost only a month away now. Eep!

In other news, I am now halfway through my second draft edit of Outlaw in the Land of Perfection. It will be finished on schedule, right at the start of April, at which point it’ll be entrusted to my skilled editor.

I’ve decided to write a horror novel this summer. The story has already begun percolating inside my brain.

I also want to start writing short stories in the same genre. To get back into the game, I ordered a giant anthology that will teach me much and refresh my memory, as it were:

So, despite the lingering cold and snow, I’m feeling good.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

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