Ottawa Comic Con 2014 countdown

Kind readers,

this is a week of fabulousness, mercy.

Ottawa Comic Con is now only days away… Eep!!! All I have to do this week is put the finishing touches on my Mr. Confab cosplay. Presents have been bought, and I’m set to die of joy at Robert Englund’s feet 😉

I will also be meeting the wonderful Sv Bell there! I’ll be asking him to sign the two first issues of his fantastic Silverblood comic, and the first issue of Realms of Fear, which I have and which is an unadulterated horror delight.

And I want to say hello to the great Malabar folks… There will be a slew of incredible people at this convention.

To top it off, today I got a box full of treats from a lovely Twitter friend, Bricklayer Bosh, who’s the lead singer of one of the most fun up and coming horror punk bands around! Look at all the goodies!

Note: one of their songs is called “Sinister T-T-T-T-Twinkies!!!”

Click on the image below to listen to all the terrific songs on their EP, “Rise, HWhores, Rise!”:

I’ll be blasting this in the car, I can tell you.

In other news, I’m going to be turned into a zombie by the talented Byron von Rempel… Check out his Kickstarter campaign. You can be turned into a zombie too! I can’t get enough of his drawings.

Speaking of awesome campaigns, support a true champion of indie creators, Patrick J. Russell, by backing his upcoming “dark existential comedy” One Pink Muscle to Go (click on the cover):

I keep meeting the friendliest, most ardent and creative people on Twitter—authors, musicians, artists, filmmakers, enthusiasts, etc—and will be sharing more of their exciting projects in future posts 🙂 For instance, there will be news about an amazing comic book series by E.J. Cedric, The Dying Breed, a film by Crash Palace, Case #5930 —I could go on.

I’ll be starting work on Specimen very soon. I’ve written a number of notes, and the novel will be even more whacked out than I imagined it would be. Fun fun fun! And my editor is polishing up Outlaw in the Land of Perfection even as I write this.

Oh! And my copy of Heartstopper arrived today too. I’ll be watching it tonight or tomorrow!

I almost forgot: I took some self-portraits a few days ago. Author photos, right here…

Aren’t I a groovy little bugger? I’m having a good time, at any rate 😉

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

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