Thank you, Mr. Englund, for being such a kind man

Kind readers,

I am still under the influence of the adrenaline that’s lingering in my veins after Ottawa Comic Con this past weekend. Goodness. What an event it was! And what a dream come true it was.

I think that the simplest way to tell you about it all will be to share the posts I wrote on my Livejournal yesterday and the day before. These are stories that are very much worth repeating! Also, I’m exhausted 😉

So, here we go…

Saturday, May 10th 2014

My most precious ones,

there is one day left of Ottawa Comic Con, and already I have so much joy to share with you that I hardly know where to begin. It’s just been… incredible.

So far, every day I’ve had conversations with one delightful person after the other. Any time I was standing in a line, or sitting somewhere, I was having a laughter filled exchange with groups of friendly, smiling people. The enthusiasm that emanated from the convention was palpable; it was thick, electric. You could feel it in the air. There is such amiableness, good-will and camaraderie. It’s amazing. And the staff has been like this also, helpful, funny, and reveling in the whole experience.

I am so grateful to everyone I’ve encountered. So much kindness; such heartfelt joy.

I even met a fellow independent author, Jen Frankel, whose book Undead Redhead I immediately added to my library. I hope to say hello again to her tomorrow (I couldn’t find her booth today; the crowds were immense). I ran into the lovely sister of an old high school friend, who was there with her husband and children; her husband is an artist, and has a booth there. I bought some of his art today (a picture of Charlie Brown dressed as Freddy Krueger! I got a second print for a certain kind Mr. Englund, and I’ll give it to him tomorrow).

I had put a special binder together for the event: it contained copies of the letters Fangoria sent me when I won Freddy’s sweater in 1987, copies of the Fangoria article that announced the winners of the contest, and all my original autographed photos of Robert Englund. Again and again, someone would say, “That’s an amazing Freddy sweater!” Then I would show them the letter, which I had right on the cover of the binder, and eyes would grow wide, exclamations would be uttered, and marvelous conversations would result.

Yesterday, I was wearing said sweater; today, I had it wrapped around my shoulders. I was so tired today—I barely ate yesterday, and barely slept last night—that I changed my plans and didn’t cosplay. I don’t think I will tomorrow either. I’m just too overwhelmed by everything to do so this time… I think you’ll understand why by the end of this post! I don’t have the energy required, and I’m also too much in a daze, I think! There’s been too much to absorb.

Yesterday, I was there with my friend and neighbour Pierre, or my little brother as I call him. We had such fun, and it was his first convention. A trial by fire, goodness, because he finds large crowds difficult and tends to be shy. Fortunately, on friday things were “quieter,” if one may put it that way. He got his picture taken in the DeLorean, and we admired the Ghostbusters’ car.

Then we parked ourselves in the VIP line for Robert Englund’s booth. We were almost the first in line. There were two lines, one for those who had this special pass, and one for those who didn’t, and soon both of these were growing and growing and growing. Pierre and I were having lively conversations with the people behind us, and once they’d heard my tales, they were eager to see what would happen; I told them, “I promise I won’t take longer than three minutes or so, and I’m really grateful for your understanding!” and they said that they didn’t mind at all if it took a little while, considering, well, considering! I was grateful for their kindness, and it was such fun to laugh with them.

So finally, he appeared, and goodness. He had a coffee in one hand, and a cookie in the other, and he munched away, looking energetic and rearing to go and… Goodness. I couldn’t believe it was him standing right there. Suddenly I felt fifteen years old again, or younger actually. I felt like a small kid. He took his jacket off and sat down, and his wife was with him which made me so happy. At one point she rubbed his shoulders in a very affectionate, encouraging way and it was so sweet to see. She put all the photographs they’d brought on the table.

And then, the autograph session began. We were told by one of the staff that photos weren’t allowed—there were signs on the backdrop, too—and I think they were attempting to ensure the session wouldn’t, well, last indefinitely! Which it probably would have if any candid shots had been allowed. But I didn’t care that candid shots weren’t allowed. I was beyond caring. Pierre had been holding my camera, in case a picture of the ankle signing could be taken, but I told him to put it back in my bag, “It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter.”

Robert Englund was sitting there, and that was all that mattered. Besides—well, more in a moment!

He was smiling and exactly as I’d seen him in a number of videos when he’d signed photos or what-have-you.

And the next thing you know, it was my turn. The people behind me had kindly offered to catch me if I was too overcome *laughs*

I had thought, if I only have the chance to give him his gift and say thank you and have my things signed, that would be fantastic.

So I stepped to the table, and I held out my binder and said, “Mr. Englund, would you like to take a look at this?” And he smiled and took it and started reading, and then his eyes widened and he looked at the sweater I wore and said, “Oh, is that one of them? This is amazing!” And he opened the binder, and I said, “Sir, that’s the photo I was sent, and this is the Fangoria article that has the little thing I wrote…” And he said, “Oh, I remember this!” And he started talking about the photographer who took the first photo in the article (he was sitting by a fire, in full makeup, wearing a loose tank top—because someone had taken Freddy’s sweater away!).

And I showed him the pictures he sent me when I was younger, and he kept exclaiming his delight and he said, “Oh, The Unspoken Truth!” and talked about his co-star and I could barely keep up with him, I was just so… goodness. And then he said, “Oh, I remember… I remember this… Because you have that “h” in your name… I hadn’t written Nathalie with an h before then…” And he said, “Thank you so much for bringing all this” and other things, goodness… And now I can’t remember the particular order of things, but I’ll tell you about all of them. I think that first I asked him to sign his book, and he said, “Oh, that’s the British edition!” and he talked and he talked and oh my gosh, and at the same time he started drawing that little Freddy caricature of himself that he does. I said, “Oh, you’re doing the little drawing!” and he told me that he always did the drawing when he signed a copy of his book. And I think he was, goodness, I don’t know, he was dedicating the book and somehow he missed the second “a” after the “h” (I guess he was so focused on the latter!), and I said, “It doesn’t matter, sir,” and he replied, “No no no, I can still put it in there!” Then I handed him the tube that contained my Zombie Strippers poster, and he was having trouble opening it, so I did it for him, and after he unrolled it, I said, “Mr. Englund, would you put something on it? Would you put ‘Fuck it, what’s the worst that can happen?’ on it?” So that’s what he did, and he was amused, and added “Ian” (the name of his character in the film), and his signature underneath. Oh, and he started talking again, and he said, “You know, about that movie, it’s such a shame because the girls were so funny, and a lot of that stuff didn’t make it in,” and I said, “Yes, sir, they were hilarious—they were wonderful.” He said so many things I’m not sure I can remember them all! And he also gave me a postcard for his website, and he gently said, “And here’s my website” and I can’t remember… It was all so much to take in.

So then I showed him the ink on my left hand, and he took it in both of his and ran his thumb across the back, and said how beautiful it was and how much he loved it, and I told him it was based on a screengrab of his hand in V: The Final Battle, and he said, “Oh yes, this happened in scene such and such,” and I said, “No, sir… It was, remember, it was when they were angry and ripped the skin off to show Harmony what he was,” and he said, “Oh yes, when they were mean to him,” and then he started talking about Kantemir because the actress who played Harmony is in it, and I told him that I couldn’t wait to see it, and then he said that he wasn’t sure about the directing in that film, and I said, “Oh, no sir, it’ll be awesome, I’m dying to see it.”

And then I told him I had some ink for him to sign, and he excitedly said, “Oh! You have some ink!” And he called, “Nancy! Nancy!” (his wife had gone behind the curtain to do some thing or other), and she came out and he told her she’d be taking pictures, and she was smiling and I shook her hand and said, “Hello, Mrs. Englund… Thank you for coming” and I was so happy. So then I asked if I could go ahead and put my leg on the table, and did so, and they were both amazed by Tiffany’s portrait; Mrs. Englund took a few pictures of it, and then Mr. Englund took my hand, and asked her to take pictures of it as well, and he said, pointing at my fingers, “See, there’s even…” and she said, “Yes,” and they were really taken with the ink on my hand and goodness.

So then he very carefully signed my ankle; he was very meticulous about it, very delicate.

Then he thanked me again and we shook hands and I said, “Oh, sir, I have something for you,” and I gave him the bag and said, “Happy birthday” and I think he was surprised and said, “Oh, it’s only in a month!” and I said that it didn’t matter. And he started going through it right away, and he smiled when he saw the heart and he took the book out and I said, “Oh, sir, you don’t have to look at it now,” and he said, “I’ll just flip through it a bit” and said, “Oh, this is great! Thank you so much.” And then we shook hands again, and to my astonishment, I mean, the next thing I knew, he brought my hand to his lips and to say that I was touched beyond belief would be an understatement. I hid part of my face with my hand as I often do when I’m touched and said, “Oh, sir.” It was such a sweet and kind thing to do, and I hadn’t even imagined he’d do anything like this.

And I think that our whole exchange had delighted the ones who were waiting to get their autographs—there were a lot of smiles—and I walked away a little distance and told two of the staff girls who’d been watching, “Oh, goodness, he kissed my hand”—I was blown away—and they said, “Yes!” and then, “That was such a sweet thing to do,” but they were referring to the fact I’d brought him a gift, and… Well, I thought, you know, how could I not? He just gives and gives.

I was really in a daze by then.

Pierre had his own things signed, and then we both had to eat.

And then, another thing happened, goodness.

Pierre had also brought a Jason mask, because he’s a big fan of Kane Hodder, who’s played Jason more often than any other actor (there’s been a couple of others, but he’s the one who’s identified the most as Jason). I wasn’t getting anything signed, but I was in the line with Pierre, and while he was getting the mask signed, I was in a conversation with a fellow who’d also participated in that Fangoria contest for Freddy’s sweater all those years ago (what are the odds?!).

So when Pierre was done, Mr. Hodder looked up and thought I was getting something signed too, but I was smiling and shaking my head a bit, and he was very funny because I was standing there in a Freddy sweater. And he was mock offended and said, “Don’t I even get a hello at least?!” and I said, “Oh, you’re so sweet, sir,” and he had my hand in his grip of steel (clearly toned down quite a lot). So later, I went back, because he’d shaken my hand, and I said, “Sir, you know, you were so kind to shake my hand and Freddy and Jason are friends, so I have to get your photo,” and then I showed him the Fangoria letter, and his eyes went all wide and he said, “Oh my God, that’s so cool!” And he looked at the sweater and said, “That’s definitely his” and “Does his know about this? Have you seen him yet?” and I told him yes and part of what had happened, and then after he signed a picture for me (I said, “Let me get the cutest one here…” and I was talking about Jason *laughs*), he said, “Well, Robert Englund kissed your hand, so I’m going to give you a hug.” And he gets up, and this man is, let us say, very tall and built like a refrigerator, with that gruff exterior but little boy eyes. He holds me in a very powerful hug and tells the people standing in line, “That’s Robert Englund’s sweater she’s wearing!” and they said, “We know!” And as I was saying goodbye, he told me how impressed he was with the ink on my calf and then, “But, wait, where’s the Jason ink??” And then he smiled and said, “No, you’re a Freddy fan. That’s all right.” He also said what a shame it was that there weren’t photo op sessions with him and Robert Englund together, because he also had a piece of a sweater because of the movie Jason Goes to Hell, “and you know, you see the hand shooting out of the grave and that was me, with Freddy’s glove on,” and…

Goodness. It’s all so surreal, I can barely process it! I can say this: the people in the horror industry are some of the kindest people you will ever meet.

Pierre was extremely amused by that whole exchange, I can tell you.

So we ate, and not long after that, it was time for the photo op.

Once again, I met lovely people, and the session began. We went into this little closed-off area behind curtains, and they let a few of us in at at time, so the ones behind saw the ones ahead get photographed. Robert had the glove on, so he was doing the Freddy face in the pictures. He loves doing funny photos, and is very playful. Then it was my turn and he said, “Here, wait… Come here…” and maneuvered me into position, and stood behind me, and wrapped his arms around me, and once again I thought, I can’t believe this is happening. I knew he was doing the Freddy growl back there, and made a suitable “eep!!!” victim face of my own.

I am going to treasure this photo as long as I live. Everyone who’s seen it has said, “That is so awesome!”

He is such a sweet man. So kind and generous to the people who enjoy his work. I’m just completely overwhelmed.

Oh, and here’s a picture that Tiffany took after she inked his signature… I went to Planet Ink right after the photo op. She was so happy with the way he signed the ink: “He did such a good job! It’s perfectly placed… It’s got such character.” And she was so happy for me (the staff at Planet Ink adored the photo I shared above). They laughed and said, “That’s the best picture ever.”

It was when I was on the table that I noticed, for the first time, that he’d added three XXX next to his signature. It was also at that point, when she was inking, that I finally started to cry.

And mercy, I’m going to have to go to bed now, because I’m starting off very early again tomorrow. Sunday will be less hectic than today, crowd-wise (thank goodness)… I’ll be asking for more autographs, giving him more presents, and going to his Q&A, naturally (I’ll hopefully be sitting with a wonderful girl I met today while I was waiting for my photo op; she’s from New York, and the young fellow she was with was from West Virginia, if I remember correctly, but I could be wrong).

I’ll write more tomorrow. Let’s just say that more wonderful, kind things happened today. Let’s just say that he kissed my hand again (even though, goodness, the poor man looked more tired today than he did yesterday, which is not at all surprising—his autograph lines are endless), and that after we took the photo op picture… He kissed my cheek.

So… More tomorrow! I am exhausted but so grateful and happy.

Your devoted and blown away
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor
p.s. I was watching one of his films tonight, and after having met him, watching him in films has a whole other dimension. A great human depth.

Sunday, May 11th 2014

My most precious ones,

well, I spent a good portion of the evening asleep today. It’s going to be a late morning for me tomorrow, no doubt! I’ll be answering all your kind comments just as soon as I’ve had a chance to get more sleep in. I should probably lie down right now, but lingering adrenaline is making this a little difficult! So, I’ll tell you the rest of my adventures while it’s all still fresh in my mind.

I’d been told on friday that saturday was the busiest day of the convention. And they weren’t kidding, goodness.

I had almost no sleep at all on friday night—the day’s events had been so incredible—and it was very early on saturday morning that I decided there would be no cosplaying that day, and probably wouldn’t be any on sunday either; I’d underestimated how draining and overwhelming this convention would be. It was great excitement, but it came at a cost to this quiet professor of yours. The notion of simplifying my activities relaxed me, so that’s what I did.

When I arrived at the EY Center, it was around ten past eight (it takes about twenty five minutes to get there), and there was still plenty of room in the parking lot at the front of the EY. Soon, this would not be the case; the doors opened to VIP pass holders at nine, and when the regular pass holders were allowed to enter at ten, then everything went completely crazy. When I left in the middle of the afternoon, the parking lot was full, and people had to park in this field way down the road, and police officers were doing traffic control. I’d never seen such crowds.

I was rather bleary-eyed and sleep deprived, but doing not too badly. I again said a warm hello to Rob, the owner of the Comic Book Shoppe—they had a big booth in the exhibitors’ area, of course—whom I hadn’t seen in so long, and whom I’ve known for a long time. He is a very kind fellow, always with a smile. I had seen him on friday, and it was such a treat.

I was wearing a black t-shirt with that little black military coat I love, and had planned to keep the sweater folded in my bag, but then wrapped it around my shoulders because I was cold in that massive, metallic building, and it kept me warm very effectively, because it’s made of wool.

Robert Englund was doing signings at eleven, so once again I parked myself in the VIP line around an hour early. By ten thirty, the line had grown to gigantic proportions; I looked behind the spot where I stood and thought, wow. I was getting in excellent conversations with a number of people in the line, especially three women in front of me, who were so kind and funny. One of them had long, curly blond hair, and she was so hilarious, goodness. She talked boisterously, and she would say, “I’m Italian, you know!” and made me laugh and laugh. Needless to say, they were amazed by the whole Sweater Story—seeing that sweater made a lot of people happy—and the blonde woman, whose name alas I can’t recall now, started to say that I should really go first. She said, “You’re a big fan,” and I said, “He’s got a million big fans.” I shook my head and said, “No no, please go first.” Whenever I found myself at the head of a line, I would let a few other people ahead of me, because I… I found that helpful! But no matter how much I insisted, she would have none of it, and when Robert Englund appeared, they started playfully, uh, shoving me ahead of them, because honestly, they kind of had to *laughs* And I said, “No, no, he’s not ready yet!” But then he waved me ahead.

He smiled and said in a Freddy voice, “You again!” And smiled again. Although his body language was as energetic as ever, to me it seemed that there was tiredness in his eyes; he looked a little tired. But I doubt he ever lets that stop him. You could see that he was getting in major signing mode. He was talking a bit less, but was still chatty. I pointed towards the photographs and asked if it was all right if I got a couple, and duh, he said yes, so I picked two of them. He asked if there was anything I wanted him to write, and I said, “Would you make them out to Logos?” and pointed at the word on the back of my right hand. He said, “To Logoz” and I nodded, thinking, close enough, Mr. Englund! It reminded me of the way he says things like “experience”: EGGzperience. I also had the picture that had been taken during the previous day’s photo op, and which he liked. One of the pictures I chose was a portrait, a very nice portrait, and he used a gold pen for that one; almost immediately he started saying that he needed more gold pens, that the one he was using wasn’t quite doing what he wanted, and within seconds he was given a row of them. “I need gold and silver pens,” he said.

Then, as he’s signing away, I’m paying for the signatures, and the woman said, “it’s this much for the signature, and five for each photograph” (the ones on the table). And he pipes up, “Wait, no, the photo’s included.” And apparently it wasn’t, but he called for someone else who was in charge of this stuff, and this person said that the photo was extra. Robert said, “That’s not like yesterday… So that’s changed?” The man nodded, and Robert said, “Oh. Okay. So it’s different today.” He gave me the pictures and I said, “Thank you, sir.” Then he reached for one of those postcards like the one he gave me yesterday (it has a photograph of his face in makeup on it, of half his face with one eye and his nose showing; it was taken by his wife who’s a wonderful photographer), and he signed it, and gave it to me. Again I thanked him, and if we briefly talked about whatever, I can’t remember what the heck it was, but I remember that he again told me how much he loved the ink on my hand. Oh, actually, that was one of the first things he said, now that I recall, because I’d told him I’d had his signature on my calf inked on friday evening, and that Tiffany had been impressed by how well he’d placed it, and by how much character his signature had. But he just deflected the compliment by talking about the ink on my hand instead!

Before I left, I said, “I have something for you, sir,” and gave him the bag of chocolates. He laughed and said, “Oh! I’d run out of chocolate!” and began rummaging in it, and laughed again when he saw the one that had a Canadian flag on it. And we shook hands, and he kissed mine again, and there was an “Aww!” from the people who were standing in the line. And I bashfully scampered away. It was, again, a very kind gesture… Very, very kind. Not anything he had to do.

I grabbed a bite to eat—I managed to eat some chips with half a sandwich—and I headed for the photo op line. There I yet again met lovely people, one of whom was a very sweet young woman from New York, Sarah (who emailed me a copy of her great Eaten Alive fan art later that day). Then it was time for the photo; I had her and her friend go first, and then it was my turn.

I was undoing the sweater around my shoulders and I saw the wheels spinning in his head; he was very quickly thinking of ways to do fun pictures. He was wearing a glove again (I think he must almost always have one on during these photo ops), and he took the sweater from me and said, “Here, we’re going to do this…” and he wrapped one of the sleeves around my neck, and just, well, had me trapped pretty much *laughs* And we took another very funny picture.

He gave me the sweater back, and I said “Thank you, sir,” and he surprised me again: he gave me a quick peck on the cheek. If someone had told me before this weekend that he’d do something like that, I would have said, “Right!” It was so unexpected, and again, extremely sweet of him… I think the expression on my face must have been priceless. I told Sarah and her young friend, “He just gave me a kiss on the cheek,” and she said, “I know! We saw it! I was so excited for you! He must really like you.” And I shook my head and, you know… He’s just a kind man, and warm-hearted, and impulsive I have a feeling!

Massive lines there, also.

So I made my way out of the building, which was kind of a Herculean task because it was thronging with people, and by some miracle came across the both where the husband of my high school friend’s sister was selling his artwork. This made me quite happy. He told me that even he’d had trouble finding his own booth! He had done this funny piece of art, with Charlie Brown dressed as Freddy, and I got one for me, and one for Mr. Englund (he had to have one of these!). Then I left, because I wanted to escape the parking lot a long time before this gigantic crowd began leaving, and also because I was so tired that I was getting cross-eyed.

I did fall asleep around six o’clock after eating something with my better half, who was happy I’d been having such a fantastic time.

Before I went to bed, I hoped that Robert was getting some rest after what must have been a very exhausting day. I was in for a surprise the next morning.

It took me a while, but I did fall asleep last night, and got a few hours of shut-eye. I was tired this morning, but a bit less than yesterday. I knew that sunday would be less insane than saturday, crowd-wise, though still busy of course. I got to the EY around twenty-five past eight, and there was a bit of a delay, so after another lovely chat with people I’d met the day before, very nice people, we entered the building around nine twenty I think. I made my way to Robert Englund’s booth, and once again chatted with friendly fans who enjoyed the sweater. Then ten o’clock came, and he wasn’t there yet. This time, he was late. Ten past ten, twenty past ten, ten thirty… I was starting to worry that he was even more exhausted than I’d thought he’d be. It didn’t matter to me that he was late; heck, I would have waited as long as necessary! But I hoped he was okay.

So finally he arrived, and he looked fine, thank goodness. He smiled when he saw me (well, he smiles when he sees anybody, right?), and I asked him if he would sign the photo from the day before. He said, “That came out nice… See, it’s good because we can see all the ink on your arms there.” And he said, “You look cute there.” And I said, “So do you, sir.” He scribbled a bunch of things on it (he put an arrow next to my hand and wrote, “Willie was here” and also wrote, “Let’s neck! Freddy” above his signature). I also asked him to sign a blank book of mine, so he immediately began to draw again, and I said, “You’re well this morning, sir?” He proceeded to tell me that there had been some merriment with Bruce Campbell the night before. I laughed and said, “Is that what it was?” and I stammered, “You… naughty thing you!” He said, “I should have drunk more water!” I was absolutely floored. Holy crap, where does this man get his energy?! He did apparently sleep past his alarm this morning or something, but I was so sure he had nodded off soon after the day’s activities were over yesterday. Then again, he’s an extravert with a capital “e” and it’s not surprising that his idea of rest and relaxation would involve socializing. Not to mention that him and Bruce Campbell and a few drinks, well, that must have been more fun than half a dozen barrels of monkeys! I didn’t meet Bruce Campbell this time—my attention was fully elsewhere—but he seems like a riot, a very lovely man. Yesterday I saw him wearing a bright yellow jacket, and today, it was bright blue. He’s a colorful, exuberant fellow.

So anyway, apparently, last night there was some merriment (who wouldn’t need to let loose after being surrounded by monster crowds all day? Especially those two, goodness), and I said, “It’s fine, sir, it’s understandable” (that he was late and that there had been a few too many drinks), “I’m just glad to know you’re all right!” Then I asked him to dedicate a photo to everyone at Planet Ink, a Freddy picture, and he wrote, “Tat THIS, bitches!” (they’re going to be so stoked, oh my gosh).

Then I gave him the Charlie Brown drawing, telling him who had done it, and he loved it. Then I handed him the Lush bag and he said, “Oh! What am I getting today?!” The box was wrapped and tied with ribbon, and he said, “I won’t open it now,” and I said, “Oh, no sir, it’s fine.” We shook hands and he smiled that warm smile of his. Then I went to the photo op area, because the session was at noon.

The lines were less long today, and the picture taking went more swiftly. I did manage to summon up the nerve to ask for something specific. He’s so fast that I spoke before he’d done more than open his mouth, and I said, “Mr. Englund, would it be all right if we did the Visitor handshake?” He said, “The Visitor handshake…” He was drawing a blank (I think he only did this twice during the whole series). “How does that go again?” I said, “Like this,” putting my two palms together and entwining my fingers. He said, “So you don’t want…?” referring to the glove, and I gave a little shake of the head, so he went right ahead and took it off, which he had to do if we were going to do that handshake. I thought, oh, I’m giving him needless trouble! because it’s a bit awkward, removing that thing, but he clearly didn’t mind, the man is always up for anything (as he said at the beginning of his Q&A, “Ask me anything”), especially when it comes to delighting people who enjoy all that he does. So we do this handshake, and he puts on the most hilarious Willie expression, and I’m standing next to him, looking amused and kind of exhausted *laughs*

Later on, he would sign this “Willie, the friendly Visitor.” Oh, goodness, he’s adorable. And he has lovely hands, compact but very expressive, with small fingernails.

It was good that the sessions were moving promptly, so he’d have time for a somewhat leisurely lunch before the Q&A.

I then went to scrounge up something to eat. I had onion rings; not the healthiest of meals, I know, but I didn’t have much brain power at that point. I thought, yeah, that’ll do. I also managed to find Jen’s booth again (the author of the book I mentioned yesterday, Undead Redhead), and she was so lovely. I’m really looking forward to reading her book. I showed her the photo op pictures and she thought they were all so sweet; her eyes got misty and she splayed her fingers against her chest.

Here’s her book:

Not long after, I lined up for the Q&A, where there were requests for photos of my calf ink. Ah, yes: there were many such requests throughout the weekend. People were amazed by it. Rightly so, because it’s amazing! Then we went inside the Great Big Hall, and I saw Sarah, and we happily sat together, front row and center, right before the stage. She said, “Are you going to ask him a question?” and I said, “Oh no, I’ll be glad just to sit here and listen to him talk for an hour.”

When he arrived, there was a great deal of cheering. He’d put his jacket back on over the blue sweater he wore, and goodness, he’s not a large man. I think this is one of the many things that make him so accessible. He’s like a… small bouncing ball of joyful energy. He put his leather bag on the floor, and he sat down on the chair that was there for him, though he wouldn’t be sitting for very long, I’m sure you’ll be surprised to hear! He began by talking about two of his upcoming films, then he said, “Okay, that’s enough of this egotistical stuff… Let’s have some questions!” He stood (he did so, and moved around a lot, during the whole hour). He shared some stories I’d heard before—not that I minded this in the least—and was funny and gracious and knowledgeable. He also shared things that were new to me. It was so nice to hear and watch him speak. When he was done and we were applauding him, he waved his hands and shook his head, as if to say, no, no, stop, it’s nothing. He walked off the stage but had to come back, because he’d forgotten his bag!

He had a signing right after, so after saying goodbye to Sarah, I hastened to the other end of the convention center (I wanted him to sign the picture that had been taken earlier). Almost as soon as I reached the place, he arrived as well. It was his last signing at this convention, which was wrapping up, and so it was going quickly, to make sure he’d get to everyone I imagine (during his other signings, this hadn’t been possible). This time, they had us in a kind of chain at his table. I grabbed another one of his photos, which I’d shared here on livejournal and found so lovely. As he was signing, I said, “How did you get here so fast, sir?” and he mentioned a shortcut that the center has (still, he must have sprinted) and added that there was food and everything for them in those passages. He signed the photo I just spoke of and he said, “That was at the Oscars,” and I said, “It’s a beautiful photo.” He told me that he found the ink I’d shown him beautiful, “tell them at Planet Ink,” and said that the one on the back of my hand was his favorite ink among all the pieces that he’d seen at the convention. Then I told him that I’d wanted to thank him for so long, and was so happy I’d finally been able to do so, and he smiled and waved, you know, I didn’t do anything. Again we shook hands, and I looked into his eyes, which are as warm as his smile, and then I made my way back to my car, reflecting on how amazing and special and unbelievable this entire experience had been.

I’m very grateful, and very happy. And I hope with all my heart that he’ll get a bit of rest this week!

It’s also been such a profound joy to me to share all of this with you, most beloved.

And I’m so happy that every time I look up, I see “Fuck it—what’s the worst that can happen!” written in his hand on that Zombie Strippers poster of mine. And as soon as I’ve rested a bit (not much is going to happen tomorrow and the day after, mercy), I’ll be getting to work on Specimen. When I see those words on that poster, I feel so encouraged.

All right. Bedtime!

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

So, as you can see, it was quite the epic weekend. I’m looking forward to Flashback Weekend more than ever! I can’t wait to meet horror fans there, and chat with them, and hopefully meet more fellow independent authors (horror novels!), and see Phantasm and more movies at that gorgeous old theater, and of course, say hello to Mr. Englund again. He’ll be getting more gifts, because I can’t help myself, and honestly, he more than deserves them for giving so much of himself.

I’ll be resting a bit for a couple of days, and then plunging right into Specimen! I’ll also be sharing my thoughts about Undead Redhead as soon as I’ve read it 🙂

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

2 thoughts on “Thank you, Mr. Englund, for being such a kind man

  1. This is beyond fantastic! Your story is fabulous, and it’s cool about the sweater, the gift, and everything he signed, but the photos are fabulous! The first one’s a true treasure! But, will you ever wash your hand again?! Glad you had a blast!


    • Thank you so very much for your kind words! It was indeed, goodness… the entire experience was wonderful. Immense gratitude continues to pour from my heart in waves 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. I couldn’t keep such joy to myself; then again, I’ve never really been able to keep joy to myself, I’ve always had to share it!

      I too so love that first photograph, though I love them all! This week, I need to go buy a stack of picture frames *laughs*

      Alas, I’ve already washed that hand multiple times *laughs again* I have to put a special cream over my freshly inked signature, and one can’t touch a tattoo without washing one’s hands first! At any rate, nothing could wash his kindness away.


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