Montreal Comic Con & HorrorFest: unforgettable

Kind readers,

Montreal Comic Con & HorrorFest were such amazing events. I’m still not fully rested a week later!

Allow me to share my extensive Livejournal recap here with you 🙂

(September 16, 2014)

My most precious ones,

I have got some truly epic Montreal Comic Con stories for you today. Are you ready?

Yesterday, I had to rest a lot, goodness. I was wiped out, especially since my better half and I started our day by going to the dentist for a cleaning! Then we did a few quick errands. He had to get a bottle of Tylenol at Wal-Mart, and I found myself some great hoodies for lounging at home: nice grey ones that fit me perfectly, cost ten bucks each, and which I found in the boys’ department (apparently, I’m the same size as a 14 year old). I also chanced upon some Snoopy Halloween stickers, something that always makes me happy. Then we got some food, which we ate with red wine to celebrate my return home, and soon after I fell into a deep sleep on the couch.

When I woke, I was still not nearly energetic enough to embark upon blogging, so I continued to rest in the living room and watched a new Mythbusters episode, and Secrets d’Histoire on TV5. Then I went to bed, and again slept for a long time.

This morning, I sorted through the photos I’ll be sharing in this entry. I won’t put any of it behind a cut, because it would be a crime to put anything so awesome behind a cut.

So I left early on thursday morning and enjoyed my drive up to Montreal tremendously. First I listened to The Ghastly Ones. Then it was Mojo Nixon’s Elvis Is Everywhere and The Reverend Thornton Heat’s “D” for Dangerous on repeat for a while, because I love those two songs so much. “D” for Dangerous is about as close to perfection as a piece of music gets, in my opinion. As I began to near Montreal, I switched over to Elvis. It’s impossible for me to feel stressed out while I’m listening to Elvis.

I arrived in Montreal and drove straight up to the Westin’s front door. There were only a few moments when I wondered if I was heading in the right direction, but then I saw the colorful Palais des Congrès like a beacon ahead, and it all went without any problems.

The valet took my car to the bat cave where they keep the guests’ vehicles, and when I got to the front desk I was told that my room was already available even though it was quite early (around 12:30). Needless to say, this made me very happy. I was able to take my bags to the room and get settled in a bit. My young friend Brittany and her parents had arrived not long before me. Shortly after, I met up with her in the lobby—it was so good to see her—and we were on our way to the convention (where we would soon have our first “Holy crap this is too incredible for words!!!” moment of the con).

We had bought our Deluxe passes online, so within minutes we had our stuff and headed for the merchants’ area.

It was huge! We wandered around, trying to take it all in.

One of the first people I saw was the wonderful Sv Bell, comic book artist and writer of Silverblood, which is fantastic and which I highly recommend. I was so glad to meet him finally! I hadn’t been able to find his booth when he was in Ottawa, but at last I had the chance to see him face to face. I got the first and second issue of Silverblood, which he signed for me, I gave him a copy of Outlaw, which I signed for him, and then Brittany took a photo of us and I was simply overjoyed.

He is such a kind fellow and I was so excited to have met him. This is his website, incidentally:

In fact, I was so happy (and a bit overwhelmed by the whole convention I think) that I forgot to put his comics in my bag! But I went back the next day to get them (he was planning on mailing them to me). He’s a Dude among dudes.

Then, around the corner, Brittany and I met another stupendous fellow. Here I am with him, our Lord and Savior Zombie Jesus!

He was such a riot, such a nice, friendly guy. I told him I’d be back the next day, because I wanted his comics and a t-shirt. How could I go back home without Zombie Jesus vs. Vampire Elvis??? No way!

And here is the t-shirt I got from him… Groovy psychedelic Zombie Jesus.

Here’s his website:

He told me he’s got some hilarious videos on YouTube and I’ll definitely be checking them out.

Brittany and I—she’s such a sweetheart I tell you, she’s like a little sister to me—looked around some more, taking note of items of interest, then we went to sit a bit; Robert Englund’s autograph session was at 5:30, and we planned to get there an hour ahead of time.

While we’re sitting, she texts her mom, and holy crap, her mom texts back that she and Brittany’s dad were at the Westin restaurant having a long conversation with Robert Englund!!! He’d been sitting at the table next to them, and her dad asked for a picture, and they wound up talking with him for an hour! Her mom was so impressed with him that she started reading his book Hollywood Monster when she got back to their hotel room (Brittany had brought it for him to sign).

Here is he with Brittany’s lovely mom:

Needless to say, Brittany and I were squeeing like crazy! Of course, they told him about Brittany, and that she had some artwork for him. It was unbelievable!

First thing I wanted to do, though, was to give a message to Karl Urban from my dearest laguera25, who’d met him at the end of July and had forgotten to give him something important. He was supposed to be doing his signing at three, on the seventh level. I wanted to get there an hour ahead, so Brittany and I made our way to said level. This room was so hard to find! But Robert was supposed to do his signing there too; it was a good thing that we’d now know where it was (or so we thought!).

We finally get there, and tables were set up, but after asking a number of different people (and getting different answers), we found out that he wouldn’t be signing there: he was going to be on the second level, where the merchants were, and where a whole bunch of people were doing signings. By the time we’d figured out all of this and were back on the second level, it was three o’clock.

But there was no sign of Mr. Urban, so I started to wait. Then the young one had a photo op with Mr. Englund, so she went off to do that. Around an hour later, she texted that it was done, and I told her that I was still waiting, that I’d meet up with her on the seventh level.

I was becoming agitated and thinking, Man, where are you?! and Five more minutes. I’ll wait five more minutes… Then he arrived, and it still took a little while longer before he sat down and started signing; it was around 4:30 when I finally got to his table. I was relieved (Robert Englund’s signing was at 5:30), and I so wanted to get this message to him! I explained to the woman at the table that I was there to deliver a message, sharing some of the details, and then I was handing it to him, telling him about laguera25 and why I was there. “You met my friend in July, she’s in a wheelchair, she gave you a letter…” He had a very kind, open face, and was listening to me very attentively. He said, “Ah, yes!” and he carefully read the message while I watched him, and he said, “Thank you so much for bringing this.” And I shook his hand, glad that I’d had the chance to do so, and thanked him.

Here’s a picture that laguera25 saw on Tumblr… I was just about to hand the note over to him! I had a chance to chat with the girl next to me, with the pink hair, while we were waiting, and she was very lovely.

I texted Brittany, telling her I was on my way to the seventh level. I raced over. She said that they weren’t allowing people in yet.

When I got there, we asked for more information, and soon enough found out that Robert wouldn’t be signing on that level either! He’d be on the second level too. Grah! We raced back down and got in line; thankfully, we weren’t that far down the line.

I told the young one to go ahead of me, and she selected a lovely photo of him as Willie for him to sign. I was right next to her when he began speaking, saying, “Oh, you must be Brittany! I couldn’t wait to meet you!” He’s so kind. When she showed him the drawing, both he and Mrs. Englund exclaimed how beautiful it was, and he said, “You’ve given me more hair!”

She’d drawn him in many of his roles; it’s such a great piece!

He thanked her for showing it to him, handing it back, but she told him it was a gift and he was very happy. “I get to keep this?! I’ll put it in my office!”

Then it was my turn. Oh goodness. He saw me and smiled and said, “Ah!” as if to say, “You’re here! Of course you’re here.” Then he said, “Hi darlin’.” And he immediately zeroed in on the ink on my arm. “That’s amazing!” he said, and he took my arm in one hand and ran his fingers across the glove. I said, “Oh, we can’t really touch it yet… It was done on tuesday!” He said, “Oh! Ah, yes, I could feel it’s a little bumpy,” and while he still held my arm, he pointed out all the details that he loved, the highlights on the glove, his finger just above the ink. I told him that it had taken me a while to find the right design, one that would fit on my small arm, and I said that the glove was taken from the makeup photo.

The first thing I did was to give him the book I’d made for him, with all the blogging I’d done about the times I’d met him, including all the photos of the two of us. “Oh, there we are! Those turned out so great!” he said, and he was flipping through it, and I said, “You don’t have to read it or anything.” He said, “I’ll definitely read this! Not now, but…” and he kept flipping through it and said, “This is wonderful! Thank you so much.”

Then I gave him his chocolate bar, and he said, “How do you say this? Blonde douce…” And he said it very well indeed; “Vous avez très bien dit ça,” I said. So once again, he was supplied with good chocolate (and nobody said anything, despite the “no gift giving” con policy. Actually, the atmosphere in the signing area was very laid-back, very mellow, very Montréal). Here’s a picture I found of said chocolate; it was specially designed to be enjoyed with beer. The one I got him is on the right hand side.

Then I said, “This is for Mrs. Englund” as I handed him the bracelet I got her (I’d gotten it at Sérénithé, where I’ve gotten him many pieces of chocolate; not an expensive thing, but very lovely, with blue stones and a silver elephant for luck), and he said, “Oh! She’s here somewhere,” and he started looking around for her—she’d gone to do something or other—and I told him not to worry; obviously, he’d be getting it to her!

Goodness, he’s such a sweet fellow. A splendid gentleman, as I wrote elsewhere.

Then I began to unroll the posters I wanted him to sign. As I did so, he said, “I wish you’d been here earlier! There was a fella with amazing stuff [collectibles for him to sign], you would have loved it.” I gave him the Inkubus poster and said, “I love this one… You look like a count, and it’s so striking.” He was thrilled when he saw it—it’s not a poster he sees often—and we were both admiring it, in fact. He said, “I really like that film, it’s got a documentary quality,” and I said, “I love the washed out colors,” and he enthusiastically agreed and told me things about how it was filmed, about cameras that were used (one placed on a skateboard!). He said, “I think… I’ll just sign my name on this one,” because he didn’t want to take away from the minimalist tone of the image, and I agreed that it would look wonderful.

I then gave him the Phantom poster, and again he was very happy. He said, “See, on this poster, the scars [on the visible part of his face] are different than on the other poster… At this point, my face was starting to fall apart.” He began signing it, but after only one letter, he stopped and hesitated, he glanced at his pens and wondered aloud if he’d used the right color, then he continued signing, and I said that from my angle, it looked perfect. He said, “Yes… It’s hard for me to see it well, there’s a glare!” Then he told me to wait a little bit before rolling it back up, so that the gold pen wouldn’t smudge.

And I thanked him, and shook his hand, and he took mine in both of his and kissed it with a lot of affection, and I was so touched, yet again. I’ll never stop saying that he has a heart of gold.

Then Brittany and I went to see Amanda Wyss, who was seated at the table next to Mr. Englund’s; she played Tina in the first film (then we’d be seeing Heather Langenkamp, who played Nancy).

Actually, before I continue, here is a wonderful photo of the three of them together. Heather is on the left, Amanda on the right:

I’d been meaning to get Amanda’s signature for a while! She was at Ottawa Comic Con, but during that convention, I was too overwhelmed because I’d met Mr. Englund for the first time *laughs* So at last I got to ask her. She is such a lovely woman, cheerful and warm, like a ray of sunshine. I asked her to sign her name in the blank book that has one of Robert’s drawings. She said, “Oh, I love those drawings of his so much!” and we talked a bit, and she was a delight.

Brittany and I would be seeing her again the next day!

Then we went to Heather Langenkamp. My goodness, she is also an utterly lovely woman, so elegant, who loves to reach out to the fans. Brittany told her that she’d be cosplaying “Nancy in pajamas” the next day, and Heather said, “You must come and show it to me!” She asked me who to make out the signature for, and I said, “Logos,” pointing at the back of my right hand. She said, “Oh, that means ‘words'” and I nodded and yammered a bit about “the path between opposites” and she paused and said, “I’m intimidated now! I’ll have to write something good…” I ducked my head and shook it, and laughed and said, “Oh, you know, I just… I have a degree in Religious Studies and I, uh, scribble…” She asked what sort of things I wrote and I mentioned mysticism, and that I’d begun writing novels about love and hope, and I mentioned that I’d won Mr. Englund’s sweater in a Fangoria writing contest. She asked what I’d written, and I shared part of it, and she laughed and said, “You are a writer!” And then she wrote in my book:

When I saw it I said, “Oh my gosh, that’s such a sweet thing to say!” And I thanked her for coming, and it was all simply marvelous.

After all of this, I was very tired. Brittany went back to be with her parents, and I returned to my beautiful room. I would stay at that hotel again any day! Very sophisticated, with a suave, refined and most affable French staff.

I got comfortable, wrapped myself in the velour bathrobe that was hanging in the bathroom, and ordered some room service—chicken and mashed potatoes, because I’d be eating dinner a little later than usual. The meal was delicious. Then I curled up beneath the ultra comfy blankets and watched television, enjoying the very nice room I was in.

I slept kind of so-so, but I got up late the next day. I’d ordered breakfast, and when it arrived that morning I tore into it like a mad raccoon! Then I rested a bit more, then stepped into the Westin’s “heavenly shower”—an accurate description. The shower was utterly fabulous.

The main thing that day was the photo op at 3:00.

I met up with Brittany, who looked adorable in her Nancy outfit, and we went to see Mrs. Langenkamp again. She adored Brittany’s outfit, and her Freddy teddy bear (Brittany had made a glove and hat for it), and she asked for a photo of them together, of Heather and Brittany I mean (“I’ll put it on my website!”). I’d brought a copy of Outlaw for her (have I got nerve, or what? *laughs*). I handed it to her and said, “We’d talked about writing yesterday, so I brought you a copy of my latest thing… It’s words on paper, eh? You don’t have to read it or anything,” but she opened it to the first page and said, “Oh, what a great start! I love it! And I’d forgotten to bring a book!” and she also loved the cover, needless to say, and then she said that she wanted me to sign it, and oh mercy. Here I am, signing a copy of my scribble for Heather Langenkamp!! I was all verklempt.

Brittany told her she was going to get her picture taken with Robert Englund, and Heather said, “Come back and show it to me!”

She was so kind. Man alive!

Brittany and I did a bit of shopping, then we went to stand in line for the photo op. Once again, the line was quite long. When the session started, we could soon hear him behind the curtains, setting up one shot after the other in quick succession. The young one went first (I could hear him exclaim, “I love the bear!”), then it was my turn.

I approached him and he said, “Let’s… Oh wait, we have to show the ink!” and he maneuvered me in front of him, right against him, with one hand on my shoulder, and he pressed one of the claws on the ink. I knew he was doing something silly back there, and I was so tired, my gosh, I thought, let’s just smile a really silly “Eeeeeee” smile! Evidently I succeeded in this, because Brittany and I laughed a lot when we saw it, not only because I had a silly smile, but because he was doing The Tongue:

Brittany showed me the really cute photo they’d taken, and then we did some more shopping: she got Funko Pop figures (some of which were gifts for her dad), I got Joker gifts for my better half, and I got something I hadn’t bought in a long time, a baseball cap, because what was on it amused me so much.

It says, “To Alcohol! The cause of and solution to all of life’s problems”.

Then Brittany and I were both exhausted—the crowds were tremendous—and we decided to go to the Westin restaurant, where we had Caesar salads and chatted for a while.

Then we each retired to our rooms. As I was eating cookies and relaxing, I got a text message from Brittany. She’d gone back to the restaurant with her parents, and guess who was there? Brittany texted that he was with Amanda Wyss, and it seemed like he’d been there a little while, because he’d had a few glasses of wine and was fairly mellow *laughs* He talked with her and her parents, and he was very kind with her, and she told me that at one point, she put her hands on her face because she was trying so hard not to cry, and he hugged her (“he didn’t want me to cry”). A heart of gold! I was so happy for her; she was ecstatic. As she was relating all of this to me, goodness, I was crying. I was so touched, and so delighted for her.

I lay in bed for the rest of the day, and eventually I did fall asleep. I woke up around four, however, and wasn’t quite able to fall back asleep again. But I’d gotten some sleep, at least!

The next day, I got up early. The majority of my belongings were already organized (when I leave a hotel room, the only indication I was there is usually the unmade bed, and a few used towels hanging neatly on the racks). I showered, got all my things together, and checked out. I left my bags with the hotel and texted Brittany to let her know I was in the lobby, where she could join me anytime she was ready.

She soon appeared in a wonderful Freddy-ette outfit, and we made our way to the place where the Nightmare Q&A with Robert, Heather and Amanda would be taking place at 11:00. The Palais des Congrès was more tranquil on sunday, but there was still a large crowd at the Q&A.

Robert, Heather and Amanda were hilarious together; as I told Amanda later that day, it was like watching three siblings interact. It was a beautiful thing to see, and they made us all laugh a lot.

Then Brittany and I had a photo op. The young one had asked me to join her, so that we’d have a picture of Mr. Englund, her and me together. Such a sweet thing to do! We got in line, and soon it was our turn.

When he saw us both coming to him together, he was delighted. He also told me, “I love your t-shirt!” I told him I’d gotten it in Chicago, and he said, “You have to show it to Heather!” Then we took one of my most favorite pictures of all time:

Brittany and I were in the middle of thanking him and moving away—she’d gotten one picture for us—but he stopped us and said, “Wait, wait… We haven’t taken a nice picture yet. Let’s take a nice picture.” By “nice picture,” he meant one where he was more natural, as opposed to one where he was clowning around (which is also fantastic, mind you!).

I was so surprised (again!!), and a little confused, I mean, I knew Brittany had gotten one picture, but I guess he calls the shots in front of the camera and if he says there will be two pictures, that’s what happens!

So we get back into position on either side of him, and I felt him rest his head against mine (again!!), and I was just… I mean, goodness. I was like the happiest freaking kid who ever lived.

Then we thanked him and left, and goodness, we were just reeling. Brittany hadn’t gotten digital copies, so I went to the fellow in charge and got some for us, and additional prints which he gave us seconds later.

I hadn’t planned on getting more signatures, but then I thought, screw it. Brittany had pictures she wanted signed too, so we headed for the signing table again; it was his last session at the convention. Brittany and I were at his table together once more, and we thanked him… Brittany said, “Are you tired?” and he sighed a bit and said, “Yeah… I’ve been on the road a lot.” I was doubly glad I’d told him to take care after the first photo op (I’d given him two very light, quick pats on the shoulder). I told him that I was heading back home soon after, that I’d be writing. And I told him that Brittany and I would be seeing The Last Showing together (which reminds me! When I went for the first signing, I told him that “We [in North America] can’t wait to see The Last Showing” and he very enthusiastically talked about it, telling me and the fellow who was standing with me that he’d put on a bit of weight for that film, and that he’d shaved his beard and had “a ridiculous mustache” and that he held his head “like this, so I had kind of a double chin” miming it for us…). I’d meant to tell him that I loved Let the Right One In and ask for his current recommendation, but I didn’t talk too much while he was signing, because he was scribbling a bunch of things and I didn’t want to break his concentration. And I don’t want to talk too much because he’s already so generous with his time. I did tell him, “I was too tired to do much besides smile a silly smile” (referring to the first photo), and he shook his head and said, “Oh no, no, this is great! And we can see your ink [the glove] very well.” I said, “It’s peeling like crazy right now,” but he thought it still looked nice.

Two of the photos, he signed “Robert”.

I was less tongue-tied this time, a bit less shy. My mind is still like an Etch-A-Sketch that’s been shaken a couple of times whenever I’m near the man, though 😉

Oh, and while I was waiting to get my photos signed, the kind fellow who was taking care of Robert’s table began talking to me, telling me that he thought my scrapbook was fantastic, and that there really needed to be a second part to it. For a moment I was confused, but then I realized that he was talking about the book I’d given Mr. Englund! I was a little speechless because the fellow had found it interesting! Shucks.

So then, Mr. Englund and I shook hands, and as we’re doing so he tells me, “You’re going to show the t-shirt to Heather?” and I replied, “We’re going to see her next,” and he said, “Oh, good, good!” Then he continued signing for people; his line just never seemed to shrink. He took a break not long after he signed for Brittany and me.

We went to see Amanda again, and I got a photo from her this time. I said, “It’s a beautiful photo… You look like an angel, your nightgown looks like a veil, you’re going through the Veil too…” (it’s an iconic photograph from the first Nightmare film) And I told her that we’d enjoyed the Q&A very much, that she and Heather and Robert were like siblings up there. She laughed and said that sometimes he scolded her just like a big brother. She’s such a sweet, sunny woman, lovely, and I thanked her again.

Then Brittany and I went to see Heather again. She loved the picture that Brittany had taken with Robert (the pajamas one), and Brittany got the Never Sleep Again DVD. I got the I Am Nancy DVD, which I asked her to sign. I was very happy, because I’d been wanting to see this film a lot. Again we thanked her, then we went to sit down in the hallway. I took my DVD from my bag, and both Brittany and I admired it, and then I suddenly remembered that Mr. Englund had asked me to show Heather the t-shirt I was wearing. I couldn’t bear not to go back, so we did. Thank goodness she’s so patient and gracious, because there I was again *laughs* She loved the shirt and said that she needed to add it to her collection.

Brittany and I then returned to the Westin. Not long after, her parents drove up to the entrance; I hugged Brittany and said goodbye to her and her smiling parents. I got my bags, the valet brought my car to me, and I was on my way back home. I drove out of Montreal with no problems at all.

Soon after I was out of Montreal, I was thinking back upon the events of the day, and about the photos in particular, and the next thing I knew, my eyes had turned into faucets. I was overcome with gratitude, both to him and Brittany! I put on my sunglasses because I wanted to be weepy in private *laughs* Then I thought, the next time I see Mr. Englund, next summer or next fall perhaps, I’ll give him a copy of my first horror novel, Specimen.

Slowly I regained my composure, and felt relaxed (if tired) as I drove back home. You Know What still hadn’t manifested itself (and I’m still waiting for it—yay perimenopause), so no doubt that made me more tired and emotional. But I was cheerful and tranquil too.

Then I arrived home around five o’clock. My better half and Potion were very glad to see me, and I was very glad to see them! It wasn’t as hard on Potion this time, because I was only gone two days and a half. We ordered food, and I shared all my adventures with my better half. He loved his presents. Then I wanted to show him my I Am Nancy DVD… And realized it wasn’t in my bag!!! I just about cried. I must have been distracted between the moment I’d gazed at it and headed back to her table to show her the t-shirt I was wearing; I must have somehow left the film on the bench, I must have failed to remember I’d set it down for an instant…

This is what happens when you take something from your bag at a convention and you’re really exhausted.

I’ve gotten in touch with the lost and found people at the Palais, but they didn’t have it, alas. I’ve ordered another copy of the DVD from her website, and a photo as well, because after I put Amanda’s photo on the wall, I thought, oh, I should have gotten one from Heather too! I’ve also written her a short email. I felt a bit better after that.

Whew! I think I’ve written about all that I can remember about the convention! It was amazing. Truly, I’m just… I’m tremendously grateful. A little dazed.

Oh, and Brittany and I knew that Mr. Englund was staying in Montreal for a few more days, because he told this to her parents. He loves Montreal, and Ottawa too. I hope with all my heart that he and Mrs. Englund are having a wonderful time and that he’s getting the chance to relax.

Here, let me end with this… My little Funko Freddy now has Funko Jason to play with him 😉

I hope you enjoyed my blathering, most beloved!

And now I’m going to rest a bit… Next week: Specimen.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

So as you can see, it was a tremendous convention! I remain more grateful to Mr. Englund than words can say for his enduring kindness to me.

I’d planned to go to Monster-Mania, but I’m simply too exhausted after all these trips and conventions (two trips and three conventions in a year are enough to do me in, apparently *laughs*). Robert was in Montreal, then Saskatoon, this weekend he’s in Texas I think, then Maryland… I have no idea how he does this. I hope with all my heart that he’ll have a fantastically relaxing holiday season!

As for me, I’ll be writing. I’ll be working on Specimen, and on the second installment of Outlaw… I’ll be in blissful hermitude all autumn and winter long. Then it’ll be time for MISTI-Con this spring, and hopefully a horror convention in the summer or fall of 2015.

Speaking of Outlaw, it’s available on Kindle, as many of you know, and also on Nook, and iTunes 🙂 Your reviews and word-of-mouth support are tremendously appreciated!

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

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  1. I’m so glad you had such a wonderful experience! Thanks for sharing your adventures, and for all the photos too. Get some rest, will ya’?!!!

    ~Snapealicious~ ( because he’s Magically Delicious )

    “The mind is not a book, to be opened at will and examined at leisure.” —– Severus Snape


    • Thank you so very much for your kind words! Every time I gaze at the pictures on my walls, I smile 🙂

      I’ll be resting… I’ll be writing a couple of novels. That’s kind of like resting, right? 😉


  2. I love this account of the con! Makes me eager for my next convention visit too. And also since you don’t always like super large events, it’s nice to hear you had a great time at Montreal.


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