2015: resolutions and upcoming projects

Kind readers,

right in the middle of the holiday season, I wound up getting shingles for the second time in six years.

So, there was a great deal of rest and recuperation.

I’m just about ready to get back to work on There’s a Hula Girl on my Dashboard, which should be available towards the end of Februrary/beginning of March.

This book will be my main focus in the coming weeks. As I wrote on my Livejournal earlier today,

Writing this book is my most exhilarating, freeing, nerve-wracking and satisfying writing experience to date. It’s a very personal and unapologetic account of my life journey, specifically from religious faith to secular humanism. I describe my journey and explain how and why I left one outlook behind and embraced another without regret, joyfully.

After it’s completed, I’ll be turning my attention to A Princely Calling: The Life Secrets of Severus Snape (I’ve altered the title a bit). I hope to have it finished in time for MISTI-Con 2015… We’ll see how it goes! This year, I’ve resolved to treat myself more gently and not take on too much. I’m going to give myself a lot of space and quiet time.

I’ve been deciding which forms of social media will get my attention this year. Tumblr has been out for some time now (I can’t understand what it’s for, and on the whole it bored me fantastically when I tried getting into it), I haven’t been on Ello much since I got shingles even though Ello is all right, and it’s very likely that I’ll delete my Facebook Page at some point this year due to the company’s impending “monthly fee” for Pages (and, I really don’t like Facebook; I never have). My online activity centers around Livejournal, Twitter, and my WordPress blog. I think that’s enough. How much social networking can one handle? It quickly becomes really exhausting, I find.

In other news, I’d like to thank my friend Horror Chick for her beautiful review of Outlaw in the Land of Perfection:

Here she is with her copy:

And here is my friend Erik Hofstatter, author of the horror novel The Pariahs, with his (he gave it four stars on Goodreads):

And my friend Jen Frankel, author of Undead Redhead, shared these kind words about Outlaw:

And here is the incredible piece of art that my friend James Kersey did of Kristopher Silverheart… It’s about the size of a trading card:

I’ve added one of his illustrations to my artwork collection. I adore his style, which reminds me of the work of French artist Moebius.

I’ll be working on the next installment in the Outlaw series this summer, after I’ve written my horror novel Specimen… That’s the plan, at least!

In other other news, I’ve become addicted to collecting Trash Pack figurines, and watching The Big Bang Theory.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

4 thoughts on “2015: resolutions and upcoming projects

  1. I’m really trying to cut back on demanding so much of myself this year too! In my experience it only leads me to underachieve, and I’m sick of not feeling like I’ve lived to my potential.
    Thinking of quitting facebook too. Have been for over a year. Maybe even two, I dunno, I’ve always just had a personal page, and the only reason I’ve hesitated is because of the contact I’m afforded with some of my best rl friends. But honestly, aside from that I’m agreed: I kind of hate it as a site :/
    Can’t wait for Hula Girl!! And for Misti-Con! *cross fingers* 8D


    • Ah, demanding much of oneself! I understand… And yeah, it’s been draining me too. Sometimes, slowing down a bit is essential to creativity, I think!

      I had my Page to stay in touch with loved ones who are on Facebook, but Facebook kind of made that impossible for many reasons. All said and done, I’m not sorry I deactivated my Page. I feel relieved.

      ~Can’t wait for Hula Girl!!~

      Thank you so much for saying that! I means a lot 🙂

      I can’t wait to see you at MISTI! It’s going to be an awesome convention.


  2. Dear Quiet Professor,
    So happy to hear of your recovery from Shingles! Eagerly awaiting your next writing projects! :D!
    *High Five* to deleting our Facebooks this year haha…social media can get VERY exhausting real quick.
    I love your friend’s artwork!
    -bOnEsY \m/\m/


    • Thank you so much for all your encouraging words, my dearest one! They go straight to my heart 🙂

      Facebook is just so… I really don’t like that company or their platform or (most of all) their policies. I only feel relieved that I no longer have a Page with them. They wanted to force Page owners to have personal accounts? That’s when I finally gave them ye ol’ Johnny Cash finger 😉

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