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Kind readers,

MISTI is almost here! This week, I’m working on my lecture and breathing in a bag.

This week, asexuals celebrated Ace Day, and here I am with my Ace of Hearts:

Let’s hear it for cake!

There’s a Hula Girl on my Dashboard is now available on iTunes. It should be available for the Kindle and Nook as well very soon.

Here’s some Hula Girl love. These kind words about my book really encourage me a lot. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, enthusiastic readers! I appreciate your support so much.

Here’s Drinking Cocoa’s copy of Hula Girl being investigated by her curious wombat.

Again, thank you so much, everyone. I can’t tell you enough how much your interest in my book means to me.

I’ll be signing copies of it in the Big Tent in less than two weeks! I’ve got my silver Sharpies all good to go.

In other news, I’ll be going to my first humanist conference this summer! I’ll have a table for Hula Girl there, and I’m so looking forward to meeting many like-minded people at this event.

And I’m hoping I’ll be able to ask Professor Krauss to sign my copy of his book, A Universe from Nothing. I’m very excited at the thought of attending this conference.

In other exciting news, I’ll soon be guest blogging on fellow Quebecer atheist Godless Poutine‘s great blog, My Secret Atheist Blog! He’ll also be writing about Hula Girl, which, well, blows my mind 🙂 I’m tremendously grateful for this.

Once I’ve returned home from MISTI and have had a bit of time to catch my breath, I’ll get to work on my next book, Atheist Tiki Hour: Your Guide to a Secular Blast:

There’s a Hula Girl on my Dashboard is the story of how I became a secular humanist; Atheist Tiki Hour will be a fun, light-hearted ramble about my life post-religion. How do I go from here? Why don’t I miss religion? That’ll be the focus of the book: that life without religion isn’t a hardship, it isn’t empty, it isn’t bleak, it isn’t bitter. On the contrary.

*prances in a field of flowers*

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

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    • Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words… I promise you that they go straight to my heart! I’m so happy you’re relating to some of the things I wrote, and that the book might possibly be comforting you in some way… To know that you’re enjoying it is such a tremendous joy to me. By sharing my story, I wanted to tell people, “hang in there, you’re not alone, you’re going to make it, you’re beautiful and worthy of respect,” you know? I just, I… I need some booze right now 😉


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