MISTI-Con, Silverheart and Heaven, Hula Girl, Tiki

Kind readers,

well, MISTI-Con 2015 is over, and what a wonderful convention it was! I was pretty exhausted that weekend, and I’m still recovering I think, but nevertheless I’m already looking forward to MISTI-Con 2017.

Here’s the table where I did my book signing… That’s beautiful lake Winnipesaukee behind the tent.

And here I was, dressed in my stunning Kristopher Silverheart costume, with dear fellow author C.A. Allen who was cosplaying Silverheart’s beloved companion, Heaven. We were rehearsing our Costuming Showcase kiss.

Theirs is a passionate love story. A story about freedom and hope. About mavericks and outcasts who battle against religious oppression.

Here you can see the costume in more detail. My friend Nezumi is an extraordinary seamstress.

Not long before I gave my lecture (which went well, I’m told)…

In other news, There’s a Hula Girl on my Dashboard is now available on Nook, as well as iTunes and Kobo. Kindle should be next soon, I hope! You can also get the e-Book here.

And here are more kind words about Hula Girl, courtesy of Tweet Ones!

Thank you so much, Letha and Sean! Sean will be writing a review of Hula Girl on My Secret Atheist Blog soon. And I’m about to write a guest post for him—it’s very exciting, and it’s an honor 🙂 I’ll be touching on issues around atheism and gender identity.

And Godless Mom is looking forward to reading Hula Girl too! This gave me so much joy.

If you’ve read the book and enjoyed it, please feel free to share a few words about it on Amazon! And if the book helped you or encouraged you, please tell your friends—it would mean a lot. This is how more people will find out about Hula Girl—I’m small fry—and what it contains may encourage them too.

Right now, I’ve got my sights set on The Non-Conference in August. I can’t wait to attend this event! And I’ll have a table there, too. Also, I’ll be spending June and July working on my next book, Atheist Tiki Hour.

I’ve got the appropriate beverage mugs all ready to go:

Again, deep gratitude to all who are supporting and encouraging me. Many people have been telling me how much There’s a Hula Girl on my Dashboard: How I Left Faith Behind and Embraced Life has touched, inspired, and comforted them, and this gives me the strength to keep writing, to keep sharing my heart and experiences, to reach out to those who have been wounded by religious dogma and who are looking for another worldview and way of life. Once, I thought I was alone; I want them to know they’re not alone.

Atheist Tiki Hour will be about life beyond religion.

It’s good.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

2 thoughts on “MISTI-Con, Silverheart and Heaven, Hula Girl, Tiki

  1. It was an honor and a blast to play Heaven (dress aside- it was worth it!), and I’m still in awe of your Silverheart- it was like you climbed right out of the book! AND DAT GUN. haha ; ) (Also, got to say, Draco’s magic really did wonders for my wig! :P)

    I miss MISTI so deeply still, though it is good to be home. I’ll be putting a review of Hula Girl up on my blog and on Amazon tomorrow. Is there anywhere else you’d like me to stick it? LOL, Goodreads, perhaps? Let me know!

    Can’t wait for your upcoming books (perhaps most especially for the next Silverheart installment, you have me hooked like a sad and hopeless fish, though Atheist Tiki Hour sounds like a fun time! Annnnnd WHAT about that horror novel? 😉 )


    • It was so wonderful to cosplay my Outlaw characters with you! You looked just like my Heaven, so ethereal and lovely 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words, shucks…

      Your blog, Amazon, Goodreads—that would all be tremendous! Thank you so, SO MUCH for your kind support. I’m so happy you enjoyed Hula Girl!

      First I’ll write Atheist Tiki Hour, then the horror novel I hope, then the second Outlaw book during NaNoWriMo! Or I might write the horror novel after the second Outlaw book… That sounds like it might be the case. I’ll be writing like mad, basically 😉 Silverheart will be going through many shifts as the series progresses. In the first book, she’s a kind of vague theist/esotericist, but by the third book, she’ll be secular. I really look forward to writing the two other books in this series!


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