holy crap, I’m a guest blogger

Kind readers,

I have happy things to share with you.

First, look at my lovely Twitter friend Cigi Warpurr with her copy of Hula Girl!

And here it is again, with my dearest Fabulous Raye’s kitty (she has many kitties!).

Whenever I see pictures like these, I gasp with delight and clap my hands. I really do 🙂

Profound gratitude to all who have expressed such enthusiasm for my scribblings. You keep me going. I see things like those photos and think, I can do this, and need to do this. So I continue, so I persevere, so I share my heart.

Here is another photo of me dressed as Kristopher Silverheart during MISTI-Con 2015, courtesy of my friend Celestialbeing:

Check out my Nebula Pistol… I love that thing. It means %$#@! business.

Also, Sean (@GodlessPoutine) put my post on his website My Secret Atheist Blog today! I am now a guest blogger! I can hardly believe it, I tell you.

Click on the picture below to read the post:

Here’s my bio line at the bottom of the post. It all looks so wonderful.

It’s truly an honor to have contributed to Sean’s blog. I’m very grateful he invited me to do so, and I’m extremely touched and encouraged by all his kind words. I’ll be eagerly awaiting his review of Hula Girl.

It’s just… mercy. It’s overwhelming.

Boy, I can’t wait to go to the Non-Conference. It’s a good thing I’ve got my Atheist Tiki Hour writing project to keep me busy ’til then 😉

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

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