fresh new start, fresh new space

Kind readers,

so I began the year by redesigning my work space. It needed an upgrade to suit my current needs better.

I’ll be writing about fresh starts in Atheist Tiki Hour and The Rollicking Adventures of an Unrepentant Tomboy; a fresh space was required. It was imperative.

I headed for IKEA.

I’m always unsure when I make big changes like this, but I have to say that once it was done, I was ecstatically happy I’d gone ahead with it. I felt as though I’d lost excess baggage; my work space felt a thousand pounds lighter, and it was a lot more cheerful.

Also, it was way more functional. And my desk setup is much more ergonomic.

The new setup emphasized that there’s more to my life than work. I’m not my work; I matter too. In addition, the internet no longer dominates my life. My existence has a great deal more balance.

I replaced my computer desk and writing desk with a smaller computer desk, and I added a nice comfy chair where I’ll write, relax, think, rest. I lost some storage areas, but I gained a lot more than I lost with this reorganization. I still had plenty of room for books and my journal collection near the comfy chair, I shuffled a few pieces around, I cleaned and sorted my cupboard and the drawers where I keep office supplies… It took me almost two weeks to get it all done, but boy, I was happy with the results!

I’ll be taking new photos of my refuge soon, with my good camera, but in the meantime here are some snaps I took with my smart phone:





I love my toys. Here’s a new girlfriend, exquisite candy doll Sweet Style Jade.


And look what my awesome friend, versatile author and badass skateboarder Carl D. Smith, is going to send me! What a guy 🙂


I’d been wanting one of those Pee-wee dolls so much. Wee!

The rest of winter and spring will be all about writing Tiki Hour and Unrepentant Tomboy. I’m keeping outside commitments to a minimum because I just can’t do it anymore. It wipes me out.

I will be seeing Professor Coyne at the end of February when he gives his talk at the Center For Inquiry in Ottawa, though! Very exciting.

Otherwise, my days are tranquil, and I’m most grateful for this. Life hasn’t been this peaceful for me in a long time. I’m nurturing and safeguarding this tranquility. I’ve been more forceful about respecting my boundaries and establishing my priorities.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

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    • I mentioned Alan Rickman’s passing already on Livejournal… On Twitter as well.

      When I updated this blog yesterday, I was kind of tired, and I’ve been a a bit anxious. Sometimes, there are things you don’t want to go over again.

      And, thank you! My new space has been very helpful 🙂


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