funky resistance

Kind readers,

I’ve been actively combating the whole… you know what I’m talking about, by living my joy to the max and taking care of myself and creating.

This is how I’m resisting.

Also, the 70s are my new religion. Alle-fucking-luia.

Yesterday, I spent part of the day creating a website that will be dedicated to showcasing my macramé art and zines.

It’s called Renouveau 70. I may wind up getting a dot com for it eventually.

I love making macramé so much, it’s like a drug. It’s very good for my over-active introvert brain. It gives me a good balance. Writing is demanding; you’ve got to let your mind rest.

Here’s a piece I made on Wednesday:


The only problem with my macramé is that I’d like to keep it all! But once I have five more pieces or so, I’ll start listing them on my Etsy. To keep up with all the latest news about that, follow Renouveau 70. You might want to follow my Apostate Island getaway too, because soon I won’t be reblogging it here anymore.

Here’s my awesome market booth banner, which arrived yesterday:


I wanted something colorful and cheerful, and this fits the bill very nicely.

I’ve got lots of macramé cord on the way, with colors like oatmeal, rust, forest, wine… I can’t wait to make wall-hangings with these.

Also on the radar: photo sessions. To be more specific, photo sessions that will feature me wearing clothes like the glorious vintage 70s shirt I got this morning. It’s going to look fantastic with my tan suit.


I found it on a website called The Rusty Zipper. This is the beginning of a funky collection, let’s just say.

Next, I’ll be on the lookout for Mr Lahey type glasses. If I could find mirrored ones, holy fuck that would be magnificent.

This summer, Mr P and I want to visit flea markets, so watch out! I’ll be on a 70s hunt, that’s for sure. Gimme my mushroom mugs and shit.

Next week, I’ll probably take a deep breath and finally go buy that new computer I’ve been needing for a while. Then, once it’s sat in the box for a few days and I’m mentally ready, I’ll set up and get back to work on Hit the Road.

I was supposed to speak on Monday, but for a number of reasons, I asked if it could be cancelled. And I’m like, done with speaking. Done. Podcasts now and then, that’s all right, but speaking makes me miserable and anxious, and I’m done with making myself miserable and anxious.

And it’s time for more macramé.


The 70s are beautiful.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor