it’s a celebration

Welcome to the fondue party, everyone.

So here’s my blogging/online situation these days.

I post general news items here, on my main site (stuff about my books and various projects etc), and some personal thoughts.

I’ve been reblogging posts from my two other blogs here, but I won’t be doing so anymore. I think it’s redundant. If you find said blogs interesting, go right ahead and follow them. I plan to blog there more regularly than I do here.

Apostate Island is my personal blog. Sort of my new Livejournal.

Renouveau 70 is the blog where I sing the praises of the 70s, and where I share photos of my macramé art. My zine will be available there for purchase too (eventually).

Other than that, you can find me (in order of how often I use these platforms) here:




That’s how I do the internet now. It works for me.

My new ink is healing well, as usual, and I adore my hula girl.

Yesterday, I had to get some milk and assorted food items, just a few things. Before I did this, I decided to go to the small local mall and walk around a bit.

I’m so glad I felt like wandering, because I found a mind-blowingly funktastic gold jacket. The fact that it was also seventy percent off, and thus cost a little over sixteen dollars, sealed the deal. This is about as 70s as it gets.


I’ll be taking more elaborate self-portraits with this coat in the near future.

Adding gold and polyester to my wardrobe is something I’ve been enjoying immensely. It’s one of the ways I’ve been celebrating life in general, and my life in particular.

Say cheese.