Welcome to the fondue party, everyone.

It’s been a nerve-wracking few weeks over here. I’m happy and relieved to report that my home didn’t get flooded re: historic floods in Quebec. The water stopped about two blocks away from the house, and we don’t live that close to the river. The floods have been mind-blowing to say the least. Mr P’s workplace was closed for almost a week because part of the building was affected, and the power had to be shut down.

So, all of this peril and uncertainty was exhausting. When you already have PTSD and something like this is going on, you’re already at a strong disadvantage. Last Tuesday, when they said we might be getting more heavy rains this weekend—we aren’t, thank fuck—I couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed my bottle of Jack Daniel’s.

Life was already intense because of the Event (a good, long overdue Event, but also difficult in some ways, and still ongoing) that happened almost three months ago now (more details eventually). So yeah. I’m at full capacity over here.

With things slowly going back to normal, I’ll finish what I began a couple of weeks ago, namely, cleaning and clearing out the basement (a task I’d been meaning to do for some time), and turning my attention, once again, to Hit the Road and Be Who You Are and Severus Snape and the Art of Being Human. And then, The Rollicking Adventures of an Unrepentant Tomboy.

I got myself a new work bag this week.


If you follow my Twitter and Instagram accounts, you know that I’ve been doing a fair bit of cleaning and clearing and beautifying this spring, which helped me deal with the chaos. The 70s are a never-ending source of delight and inspiration to me. I’ve been adding a bunch of books about the 70s to my library.

It’s a positive headspace for me.

There is so much about which I no longer give a single fuck and boy, what a liberation this has been. I’m finally living my life.

The last macramé wall-hanging I made was around the middle of February, because of the Event I mentioned above and everything that ensued from it (PTSD, rage and exhilaration, covert operations, many many activities and yada yada), and then spring went to shit because of the weather, oh and right before that, splendid ink… This photo was taken right after the session, and she’s healed beautifully. Love my hula girl.


So anyway, more macramé wall-hangings soon because I fucking love macramé wall-hangings.

And more portrait sessions soon as well. Yesterday I did a bunch of stuff and was too tired for much more than a quick sample shot of my vintage King’s Road leisure jacket, but holy crap it’s going to be fun when I get down to taking real photos. This jacket is the bomb. So suave, so greasy, so pure. I love that.


The 70s, they speak to me. They’re after my own heart.

Stuff I’m looking forward to this summer:

  • more macramé wall-hangings
  • fulfilling self-portrait sessions featuring genderqueer/vintage/groovy clothes and, with any luck, seedy and scenic locales
  • spending time with loved ones especially close to my heart
  • junk food at cabanes—gimme dem hot dogs and good as fuck fries
  • publishing new books
  • maybe celebrating, at long last, forty reviews for Hula Girl on my Dashboard and Amazon boosting the damn thing after I’ve worked so hard for so many years
  • being home
  • tranquility
  • warm fucking weather
  • visiting the local farm market and buying fresh vegetables and fruit
  • doing my thing
  • listening to the gorgeous sound of gorgeous vinyl records
  • not giving a shit about what I “should” be interested in

It’s a more or less comprehensive list.

Oh yeah, and I’ll be wrapping up my first zine soon too.

Say cheese.


4 thoughts on “beautifying

  1. Glad you’re feeling better and more positive about your life, and that you escaped the floods relatively intact. Like you, I’m trying to learn to not give a fuck about as much stuff, as it only makes me crazier than I already am! Therapy’s helped somewhat with that. Now if only our spineless asshole Republican Congress can wake up and impeach the orange monster occupying the White House, that would go a long way in relieving my stress, not to mention that of 65% of Americans, and many people around the world who are watching America descend into an authoritarian state.


    • The whole planet (or at least, the bits that aren’t run by demented tyrants) will cheer the day he goes away. Far, far away, preferably. Another galaxy would do nicely.

      I used to torture myself over such ridiculous things… I’m so much better off now that I don’t do that anymore. Life’s too short.

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  2. Excellent! Isn’t it funny how the inner and outer worlds are joined? How hoarders living in squalor experience emotional and social breakthroughs as they learn to “clean up their act” and how just adding some order to your surroundings puts your head in order? It’s very chicken-or-the-egg isn’t It? Is the clean space ordering the head, or the head cleaning the space? *Fascinating* One recommendation: If you’re 70s obsessed, you should read (if you haven’t already) “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.” Pirsig passed away recently and I got inspired to re-read it. It was very formative for those of us who old farts who came up in the 70s. Anyway, keep writing!


    • I love cleaning and organizing. It gives me an intense feeling of satisfaction, and relaxes me. Things tend to be organized around here.

      I haven’t read that book yet… I’ll have to get a copy at some point. As usual, so many books, so little time 😉

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