living what I love

Welcome to the fondue party, everyone.

Well, I’m officially back to work on Hit the Road and Be Who You Are, and it’s going great. This is a fun, liberating book to write. Very liberating.

I want it finished by the end of August. Thankfully, everything is pretty mellow around here these days. Whew. July is shaping up to be a wonderful month weather-wise.

The Internet has changed a lot these past few years. So have I. And I’ve decided that as far as blogging goes, I’m going to focus on this one. This is my main website, and it’ll be the hub of my blogging activity. There’s just no use spreading myself thin with other blogs, especially since it seems most people don’t read many blogs online nowadays. I’ve tried having several thematic blogs, but it winds up being just more stuff to juggle, more stress really, for no good reason. So I’ll be concentrating my efforts and creativity on

If you want the latest news, my thoughts about this and that, this is the place to visit.

Patreon is an option I’m keeping in the back of my mind.

The Internet has become extremely visual. Therefore, apart from sharing updates and writing about life things, projects, my books, and so on over here, I’ll be posting more self-portraits and photos.

Expect more polyester shirts, bling, and lipstick. Genderfluid disco sessions. And suits, of course. Suits and ties, always. Let’s not forget the silver bling Snape coat session, and that champagne disco dress. Oh, that’s going to be a blast.

I took these yesterday night. I was wearing a “bronze coin” L’Oréal lipstick.




There’s some Rimmel lipstick in my future. And photos of me wearing three-piece suits with ties and lipstick.

My priorities are putting out more books—short books—and posting artistic self-portraits, and yes, there’s those photocopied booklets, it will happen, because real things in the mail is beautiful. I’ll be firing up that Instamax camera of mine soon as well; those instant “Polaroid” type pictures are so earthy and fabulous. I’ve seen a number of those online lately, and they enchant me.

Twitter and Instagram are two other places where I’m quite active online. I use Twitter on a daily basis, and Instagram fairly often.

More macramé will happen too. If not this summer, then in the fall. Autumn is the perfect season for knot-making.

I’ve gotten much better at prioritizing, you know? At deciding what I want to devote my time and energy to, what matters most to me, what gives me the most joy and satisfaction and tranquility.

I’m not the least of my concerns anymore. Thank fuck.

Speaking of tranquility, one place I’ve been enjoying online is Pintarest. I love collecting images there. It’s fun and relaxing. I share photos there as well.

This week, I added more excellent vinyl to my collection. There’s disco, and New Wave. My 1976 Looney Tunes album arrived, and it sounds like I could have bought it yesterday. Amazing. The other day, I got my hands on this record, another childhood favorite, on Discogs:


This is pure, unadulterated happiness right there.

And then there’s this magical bit of happiness:


Thank you eBay! A vintage Burger and Malt Shop Play-Doh set, one of my favorite childhood toys. With the box even, and all the parts. Seven bucks, my friends.

Toy altars are the only altars I want.

I know what I love about life. I’m living what I love.

Say cheese.


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  1. i usually read your blog via the email that gets sent out. It’s a delightful breath of air to read inbetween calls at work. I am also non-binary gendered, and I find your style an inspiration, but I also find your calmness and confidence about how you want to live your life SUCH a relief. Looooove it 🙂 So thank you for keeping up the blog!

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