new book available soon

Welcome to the fondue party, everyone.

I’m waiting for my proof copy of Rascal: A Manifesto, which I published yesterday.

The book should be available on Amazon around mid November.


“To reclaim yourself: this is excellent greed.”
“It’s quite possible not to forgive and to move on.”
“Happiness often requires a great deal of effrontery.”
“Forgiveness isn’t a cure-all.”
“Love yourself enough that it’s too much for those who would drain you. Be a scandal.”
In her latest book, Rascal: A Manifesto, author and maverick Logospilgrim takes her readers on a tour of the so-called seven deadly sins and shares her thoughts on the power each of these “vices” has to liberate the mind, heart, and senses. Be an individual, own yourself, love yourself! Break your shackles and claim your earthly life.

Once it’s officially on Amazon, I’ll let you all know.

The book is sixty-two pages. Shorter books mean cheaper books. Also, they’re enjoyable to write, I find.

In other news, I’ve been reading excellent books like The Unique and Its Property by Max Stirner. I’ve been adding quite a few books to my library lately. I’m getting ready for tranquil winter hibernation. History books, philosophy, Gothic fiction, subversive magazines like The Reprobate will make for a fine, sublime reclusive winter.

Reading, writing, movies… Solitary delights. That’s where it’s at for me.

Next week, I’ll already be at work on my next writing project. I just have to decide which one it’ll be.

Have some green and gold.




November is right around the corner and I’m glad about this. November is so quiet. Leafless trees, grey skies… Everything is hushed, just the way I love it.

Since this has been an exhausting year, I need hushed everything. Disruptive bullshit makes me growl.

Movies I’ve been savoring: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Vampyr. November movies, you could say. This afternoon, I’m probably going to watch Carnival of Souls again.

Say cheese.